Photographer Spends Eternity Waiting For Museum Visitors To Match Artworks…

“People Matching Artworks” is an ongoing project by photographer Stefan Draschan where he patiently waits for museum visitors to suddenly match with a piece of art in a funny way. Scroll down to see the best examples.

Woman perfectly matching a painting.


When life imitates art...

Two people perfectly matching artworks.

Woman accidentally perfectly matching a painting.

Woman's dress perfectly matching a painting.

Old man accidentally matching a panting in a museum.

Painting's frame perfectly matching museum visitor's sweater.

Man perfectly matching a painting.

Woman accidentally camouflages herself in front on a painting.

Her sweater is perfectly matching a painting. Is this just a coincidence?

Hat perfectly matching a painting.

Man perfectly matching a statue.

Woman accidentally matching an art photo.

Woman accidentally matching a painting in a museum.

Hair perfectly blending in a painting.

Woman accidentally matching a vase in art museum.

Woman accidentally matching a painting.

Hair perfectly matching with a painting.

Accidentally dressed like a painting.

Dress perfectly matching with a painting.



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  1. Lolfosor November 8, 2018

    Jesus… I wonder how many hours he has spent doing this?!

  2. Anonymous November 8, 2018

    This has to be planned! Otherwise, quite a long project!

  3. Anonymous November 8, 2018

    I don’t know why, photoshop can easily handle it.

  4. MoreLOL November 8, 2018

    The photographer is Stefan Draschan, not Jesus…

  5. Barry November 9, 2018

    Well, at least there was no-one mimicking the statue…

  6. Anonymous November 9, 2018

    Very cool! Love it!

  7. Anonymous November 11, 2018

    I LOVE IT!

  8. Yvette November 11, 2018

    Patience in practice!

  9. Anonymous November 11, 2018

    Many of these don’t even work. Very poor. Very poor indeed. I’m very upset and rather angry about this and most things in general.

  10. Anonymous November 11, 2018


  11. Sandy November 13, 2018


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