17 thoughts on “Photographer Spends Eternity Waiting For Museum Visitors To Match Artworks…”

  1. Many of these don’t even work. Very poor. Very poor indeed. I’m very upset and rather angry about this and most things in general.

  2. I love artists! Some come by it naturally, some don’t. But they all work so hard on their own craft, perfecting it, always learning, looking for new ideas. Taking what’s in front of them and creating something beautiful in their own way. I love they way they think and what comes out of that. I wish I could see things through their eyes. These pictures are just another example of hard work, long hours and beautiful creativity. Thank you for posting these. It is just as “Sandy” said (November 13) – JUST WOW!

  3. Wonderful! The lady in the blue dress looks as though she is going to disappear into the painting. So very clever!

  4. Whoever said they can photoshop it obviously misses the whole concept of “art” I thought this was clever, awesome, and fun! Well done

  5. Fantastic! You couldn’t stage this and have it any better or it would look faked. Love the elderly gentleman, as it appears he is thinking/looking back at his youth.

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