Meet Scout: The Most Patient Dog In The World

Scout, a rescued pitbull, has an uncanny ability to balance anything on his head. Whether it’s a sombrero, a baseball, or a single strawberry, this patient pooch knows not to get overwhelmed by the challenges life throws at him. Once neglected, mistreated, and underfed, he now lives with a loving owner who started this project to┬áre-brand pitbulls, and even published a book “Lessons In Balance” to change society’s perception of pitbulls as aggressive and dangerous dogs.

Patient pitbull balancing cheese on the head.

Pitbull balancing cupcakes on the head.

Patient dog wearing glasses.

Well trained dog balancing food on the head.

Inbread dog.

Well trained dog balancing a toy fish on its head.

Dog or walrus?

Have you ever seen such a well trained pitbull?

Beautiful yellow mustache.

Pitbull Batman.

Googly eyes make everything better.

Really well trained dog.

Well trained dog balancing pizza on the head.

Dog with another dog on the head.

Well trained dog wearing a helmet.

Is this a dog or a rabbit? I have no idea...

Well trained dog balancing gigantic tread on the head.

Funny dog in a hoodie.

Proof that unicorns are real.

13 thoughts on “Meet Scout: The Most Patient Dog In The World”

  1. Seems to me like the owner is just using him as an object of ridicule. Poor scout doesn’t look to happy.

  2. Poor dog having to do this owner needs to have a look at himself and how he is treating this poor dog

  3. Dogs love to please their people because they love their people. And Scout is no exception. None of you see what his live is beyond these pictures. He gets praise and shown love and that is all he wants. Can’t you see or understand that!?!?


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