Funniest Reactions To Facebook Changing Its Name To Meta

By now you are probably aware that Mark Zuckerberg  announced that Facebook will change its name to Meta. Oh, and you better believe how much social commentary it has spawned on the internet in the form of jokes and memes. Scroll down to see the best examples!

How to fix a company: simply change your name.

this all happened because zuckerberg never meta girl until college

Just to be clear, @Facebook , our problem with you is not your name.

If this isn't proof we are in a simulation idk what is

BIG NEWS lol jk still Twitter


“Meta” has been a useful word and concept. I’ll miss it.

How can you tell anyone that you're on Meta. Sounds like a drug.

Haven't meta person recently who still uses Facebook.

Our parents about to be like "My Facebook says meta ,how do I change it back."

Changing name to Meat

Facebook vs. Meta

Gonna take awhile to get used to saying “He was radicalized in a META group”

Back in my day we called it Facebook, not Meta.

ah "meta" as in "metastatic," got it, no notes

Meta vs. Facebook

Was low-key hoping for book face

The team behind the Facebook's name change to Meta

Because they're after your #meta data, of course


This entire Facebook Meta shitshow has real signs of a company where no one has the guts or cache to tell Mark Zuckerberg his ideas are embarrassingly stupid

I don't understand people who are being critical of Facebook's name change and vision. This is an exciting future in which all of us, connected through the Metaverse, will be able to experience the devastating erosion of American democracy in a fun, virtual social setting.

Mark Zuckerberg got innovative idea how to deal Facebook via #Meta

BREAKING: We’re changing our name to Facebook

8 thoughts on “Funniest Reactions To Facebook Changing Its Name To Meta”

  1. Facebook > Meta for Betas
    Twitter > Basement Bots
    TikTok > Xi’s DataVac
    Biden > Depends McPoopypants

    … y’know — as long as we’re changing names.

  2. According to The Free Dictionary 771 words start with meta, and right now, they’re all glaring at Zuckerberg with murderous intent.

  3. Twitter is now going to change it’s name to “WordSpace” or something like that to hide the corpses of their pas mistakes. Meta is just effing terrible. Bet there are a bunch of people in India scratching there heads and wondering why Facebook is now named after them.


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