Comedian Creates Hilarious Fake Products And Places Them In Stores

Comedian Jeff Wysaski creates brilliant funny product parodies and distributes them in local stores. Why? For the lulz, of course.




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  1. Not-so-obvious Houseplant March 24, 2019

    It must be fun to live near this guy’s stomping grounds…

  2. Taco_4_lyfe September 11, 2019

    what shop is this i must know now

  3. golem February 18, 2020

    Pork Soda by Primus predates Meat Soda by , what , 20 years?

  4. Anonymous June 15, 2020

    human tears…YUM, MY FAVORITE!! :D

  5. A happy vegetarian September 6, 2020

    What city is this? I MUST LIVE THERE

  6. Gollum October 4, 2020

    Sweet bejebus – This had me laughing so hard I was cryin’. Why didn’t I think of this?

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