Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Here Are The Funniest Reactions

Twitter has a new overlord: Elon Musk. After a few weeks of deliberation, the platform is now a private company owned by Musk, who bought it for $54.20 per share in a transaction valued at around $44 billion. Here’s how citizens of the Twitter kingdom reacted to the news.

How is Elon considered a genius when he bought Twitter for billions of dollars and I just simply downloaded it for free

BREAKING: World's biggest clown purchases world's largest circus

elon musk spending $43 billion to stop getting bullied on twitter when he could’ve simply been less annoying is insane

Older twitter users who have lived through geocities, web forums, livejournal, myspace, tumblr and twitter, finding out that it may be yet again time to change platforms

If Elon Musk buys Twitter, I’m never signing in again until five minutes later when I’m bored and open the app without thinking

This exchange continues to haunt me

free speech is when the richest person on the planet buys the place where you talk. I am very smart

"You can find me on Instagram if Elon Musk buys Twitter" is the new "I'm moving to Canada if Donald Trump becomes President."

paying $44 billion to get into Grimes’ dms

Remember like two weeks ago when Elon was like “tell me how to end world hunger and I’ll do it” and then he bought twitter for $44 billion instead

Kinda hoping Elon Musk does destroy Twitter so I can have my life back.

pro tip: if you can afford to buy your own social media playpen, you can afford to stop whining about having to pay taxes

Elon Musk to all those who don’t like him on this app after buying twitter

Damn, twitter auto correct is weird...

Outside Twitter HQ

Just wanted to say how much I, @TheTweetOfGod , have always loved and respected Elon Musk, and never thought he was a jerk, or batshit insane, and that idea of him is in no way intrinsically terrifying.

We did it!

elon musk takes lesser time in buying companies than I do in deciding what pizza to order

When you pay $44 billion to prevent people from retweeting this picture...

Elon Musk might change Twitter, but there’s one thing he can’t change: Our dignity (we never had that)

Screw it I’m going back to MySpace

Complaining on twitter about twitter is the most twitter thing ever!

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10 thoughts on “Elon Musk Buys Twitter, Here Are The Funniest Reactions”

  1. One of my primary axioms in life is to never join a social media platform that begins with the word “Twit”. It speaks volumes for the target user community.

  2. If humanity survives the next few years, we may laugh at how Twitter, Faceborg, Intagram, et al. were all such laughable products of a wasteful, narcissistic, barbaric society and that they rightfully ended up in the dustbin of history!

  3. RE end world hunger: That’s because no one was able to tell Musk how he could end world hunger. Elon Musk has tons of money. But world governments have spent many times what Musk has on programs that were supposed to end huner with little to show for it.

  4. It’s interesting how many people think that ending censorship of opinions that conflict with left-wing orthodoxy is “destroying Twitter” or even “destroying democracy”. If your ideas are so weak that they cannot stand up against someone expressing a conflicting opinion, maybe you should get better ideas.

  5. You don’t “end world hunger” by throwing money at government officials. If that were the formula, Russia would be out of Ukraine, Afghanistan would be a free country, and the US would be a happy, content utopia.

  6. Musk is no savior of free speech. Here, we have yet another example of advancing technofeudalism. There is no more “left” or “right” in politics, only oligarchs buying themselves influence and all the rest of us who pay the final bill. If wokeness suits their aims, then they’re all for it. Tomorrow, fascist stormtroopers breaking down your door at 4am may suit them better.

  7. I use Twitter to insult Eon Musk until I get banned, but I won’t get banned so why insult Eon Musk or even use Twitter? I’ve decided to quit using my 3 Facebook accounts, my 3 Instagram accounts, my 2 Twitter accounts and looking at girls 50 years younger than me on Chaturbate. Now what?

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