Top 10 Drunk Yoga Positions

Yoga can be incredibly beneficial to your mind, body, and soul, but there are those out there who would argue that drinking can do the same…

Drunk yoga.

Drunk yoga.

Drunk yoga.

Drunk yoga.

Drunk yoga.

Drunk yoga.

Drunk yoga.

Drunk yoga.

Drunk yoga.

Drunk yoga.

If you feel inspired by this post and wish to explore drunk yoga further, check out this book on Amazon which pairs wine with yoga positions!



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  1. Anonymous February 23, 2021

    Yeah. Not really funny.

  2. Koizoh RĂ­vel February 23, 2021

    Actually, I am laughing my butt off. :)

  3. Anonymous February 23, 2021

    I’m offensive and I find this very Indian.

  4. yoga nation February 23, 2021

    I was born in the soviet union and it brings back a lot of childhood memories.

  5. Tom February 23, 2021

    Absolutely Hilarious, as I have done a couple of those, and felt better….eventually.

  6. Anonymous February 24, 2021

    Tom, which one have you done? The Yoga version or the Drunk version? I’d like to try the one that provides the best results

  7. anonymous February 24, 2021

    It’s offensive and mean. Some of those men look like they’re dead or close to it.

  8. Fentanyl Citrate February 25, 2021

    They’re more fun to watch than opiate addicts.

  9. dank donkerson February 27, 2021

    Russians, and why were we worried about this country?

  10. Anonymous February 27, 2021

    Anonymous said “Yeah. Not really funny.”
    Oh yeah well I think people who do yoga deserve all the ridicule they get, buddy.

  11. Crashemup February 28, 2021

    Funny but sad

  12. Armia April 7, 2021

    sad butt funny

  13. Anonymous May 7, 2021

    Armia haha butt

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