The Amazing Adventures of Donald Trump, Created by AI

There’s one bad thing that came out of Trump losing the latest election: we can observe less daily stupidity provided by his big genius brain. Thanks to AI, however, we can imagine amazing adventures Trump would do in alternate universes where he would live countless parallel lives enjoying various unusual experiences.

Trump participating in concrete eating contest.

Trump working out in prison.

Trump arguing with a rock.

Trump visiting zoo with his best friend Biden.

Trump meets the first alien that has visited Earth.

Drunk Trump.

Ronald Trump.

Trump talking politics with a garden gnome.


Trump falling in love with Putin while in prison.

Trump ballet performance in city street.

Trump enters weed growing business.

Trump screaming at children.

Trump crying in a courtroom.

Trump dressed as a clown.

Olympic Trump.

Pope Trump.

Trump becomes Sex Pistol's singer.

Trump finds enlightenment.

Blobfish Trump.

Trump becomes a teacher in China.

Trump meets Darth Vader in the White House.

Trump fighting with police.

16 thoughts on “The Amazing Adventures of Donald Trump, Created by AI”

  1. Wow, the blobfish is stupendous! Trump is a soulless moron. He offers nothing to humanity. It’s thrilling to see him so scared of Jack Smith, who may finally hold him accountable! Who on earth would want this lying, sleazy, childish, embarrassing, criminal troglodyte in office again?

  2. Trump is a piece of history. Shameful history, but history nevertheless. AI on the other hand is a part of our near future. It is funny now, because we can see the incompatibility between AI and reality. In a few years time However, AI is going to shape our reality and than, I believe, crying will be much more common than laughter.

  3. Interestingly, i first thought things would get better with Biden in the office, but i were so wrong.
    Biden is in some terms worse then Trump.
    He may be less egotistical but in exchange he is senile, with forces in the background playing their dark roles, using Biden as the mindless puppet he is.
    Just tell one thing that got better since Biden is in office, just one.

  4. Former twice impeached president remains a Real and Present Danger to Democracy in the US and around the World.

  5. Trump may not be a pleasant person, yet the world owes him a HUGE debt of gratitude. He appointed two brilliant, sane, and honorable Supreme Court justices who have already pulled the US from the brink of utter societal collapse.

  6. Trumpf is not liked because, being the unsubtle boor that he is, says the quiet bits out loud. The Dems and Repugs have always been part of the Blob, but Donald decided to make war against the three-letter agencies. The present doltish occupant of the White House is fulfilling a very important service to our overlord class by being perfectly incapable of doing anything at all and the three-letter agencies like him just fine. Like Drumpf, he most likely bases his decisions on the last person he spoke to.

  7. If the prison pics were real I’d be happier than a pig in sh*t. He deserves to be there, he’s a f*cking hypocrite. Whines b*tches and complaining about illegals, racist if you’re not a white American, yet he’s married to a Ruski.
    Hmm, makes me wonder, just what did, mama Trump do to him as a kid behind closed doors.

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