Funny Videos of Dogs With Human Arms

Remember birds with human arms? While those where photoshopped, dogs with human arms are real dog-human hybrids. The end is near, folks. No, not the end of the world, but the end of human reign as the dominant species. Soon, they will outnumber and outsmart us, and we will become their loyal servants. Scroll down for the funniest examples!

dog eating pasta.

Dog eating delicious dinner.

Dog checking his phone.

Dog with human arms eating a meal.

Dog playing a guitar.

Christmas dinner.

Combing the hair.

Dog playing a video game.

Pugs playing a piano.

Dog reading a book.

Dog eating a sandwich.

Dog reading a newspaper.

Dog with human arms.

Dog enjoying a breakfast.

Brushing the teeth.

Dog finishing a meal.

Dog reading a book.

Two dogs dining.

Dog with human arms.

13 thoughts on “Funny Videos of Dogs With Human Arms”

  1. Why are all the doggos wearing big hoodies or sweaters or robes? What are they trying to hide?

  2. I love the eyebrows on the boxer with the phone. He looks just like any kid annoyed that you had the nerve and bad taste to actually speak to him.

  3. BEST THINGS EVER?!?!?! ME THINK SO!!! Honestly, Im dying of laughter. Please, someone help. No, really.


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