11 thoughts on “Cats Comfortably Relaxing In Socks”

  1. If you’ve ever owned a cat, you know that no cat alive would unwilling allow itself to be put in a sock. They wouldn’t stand for this if it was uncomfortable. Remember, they are the proud owners of “death blades”.

  2. Putting cats in socks sound like juggling running chainsaws of wrestling polar beers – not much fun and quite possible lethal.

  3. Most of these cats look very content, who are we to say it’s torcher. But I have 4 cats and can’t imagine trying this. My arm would be ripped apart.

  4. More proof that cats are some form of liquid XD

    Like if you’re wondering how can some of these cats even fit?
    Sad and Useless, you are really helping me with my anxiety and depression. Thank you.

  5. Oh my goodness this is hilarious, I know some of them may be uncomfortable, but being someone that is driven to do things by emotion (mainly the unstoppable urge to kiss something cute) it seems harmless if u just put it in a sock for like 2 minutes to take a picture. I put my small dog in a sweatshirt occasionally and while he doesn’t like the feeling of it, he is obsessed with staying warm and that just coats him in luxurious heat, so therefore he is contradicted. Anywho, I think it’s harmless to put a dumb cat in a big sock and call it adorable for a picture.

  6. I didn’t realize this was a trend lol. I had put one of my kittens in a sock and thought she looked like a jellybean thus the name jellybean xD.

  7. Some cats willingly sleep in them. Cats like small spaces. If they were uncomfortable they would manage to get out quickly.

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