Crocticles: Balls For Your Crocs!

Some of you might remember Crocs spurs we featured some time ago. This time even dumber product has caught our attention – testicles for your Crocs! That’s right, you can actually purchase attachable balls for your comfy Crocs and walk around like a total moron. Several different color options and shapes are available on both Amazon and Etsy. We truly live in an amazing time!

Crocs balls!

This would surely be a perfect gift for someone who has everything. With an added value of polluting the planet with even more cheap plastic crap so turtles and baby seals have something to choke on. You don’t even have to buy them, you can get more involved by printing these testicles on your 3D printer (if you have one). Should be simple enough.

Crocs testicles.

The idea of attaching balls to Crocs probably comes from truck nuts. You’ve probably heard of truck nuts by now, or, if you live anywhere with lots of trucks, surely you’ve seen them in all of their naked glory. They’re especially popular with rednecks, since they consider it peak humor.

Blue balls for Crocs.

Crocs balls. Silver edition.

Golden Crocs balls.

Crocs nuts!

In case you want to participate in this crime against footwear, you can get your pair of Crocs testicles on Amazon or Etsy. But please don’t. Make it stop. This ends here.

2 thoughts on “Crocticles: Balls For Your Crocs!”

  1. This is almost as big a scam to separate idiots from their money as Trump’s scams are cleaning out their wallets with his lies and false claims.

  2. What a load of BOLLOCKS! Sure if you want to make yourself look like even more of a bell-end 😒🙄🤣

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