So Crocs Snow Plows Are Getting Popular…

The world of Crocs is truly a remarkable thing. There’s nothing quite as polarizing as Crocs! On one side, there’s people that dispise them and wouldn’t be caught dead near a pair of Crocs, and on the other side, you have people so in love with their Crocs that they’re decorating them with spurs, spoilers, and even balls. For those stubborn Crocs wearers that just can’t stop wearing them in the winter and getting their socks all wet while they let their dog outside to pee, there’s these snow plow Crocs attachments that now exist. You can order them from various Etsy stores.

Crocs snow plows.

The Crocs snow plow attachments connect right on the front of each of your Crocs using the holes that face the front of each shoe. There are few different versions of the Crocs snow plow attachments on Etsy, most of which are 3D printed, and measure around 3-4 inches (7-10 cm) long.

Crocs snow plows.

Crocs snow plows.

There’s even one version that we came across that has a light that attaches above each Crocs plow, to light the way as you plow the snow in front of you at night just like any standard snow plow! The light-up Croc snow plow attachment even has an angled plow that will push the snow to each side of your croc, rather than one large straight plow like most other Crocs attachments have. It also features an optional battery pack that you can mount on the rear of each of your Crocs which you can recharge as needed.

Crocs snow plow with a light.

Most of the sellers on Etsy allow you to even customize the color of the Crocs snow plows that you purchase. So you can choose between red, blue, green, purple, or some other color that fits your exquisite fashion sense. Some of the sellers also offer a digital download incase you have your own 3D printer, in which case you an print your own Crocs snow plows at home. Most of the 3D printing file downloads will cost only around $3.

Crocs snow plow.

If you don’t have a 3D printer at home, you can snag a pair of snow plow attachments for your Crocs from anywhere between $10-17 on Etsy depending on which version you select.

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