2022 Winter Crocheted Pet Hat Fashion Collection

You don’t have to choose between comfort and fashion. Keep your cat or dog warm and stylish with these latest hat trends from Etsy pet fashion designers!

Funny dog hat.
Made by KnittingPrettynPurls

Funny dog hat.
Made by courtanai

Cat dino hat.
Made by BrightandPip

Yellow cat hat.
Made by IcedCappFund

Beautiful dog hat.
Made by majStyle

Grey cat hat.
Made by AkhOlga

Cthulhu dog hat.
Made by LuckyFoxKnits

Green cat hat.
Made by RoxanneDearArtworks

Stylish cat hat.
Made by PurrsAndStitches

Dog dino hat.
Made by coutranai

Warm dog hat.
Made by azulperrode

Dog bear hat.
Made by SnugglySnoodsUKStore

French cat hat.
Made by CatsInHatsShop

Orange dog hat.
Made by thewoollykraken

Dog poop hat.
Made by ChewinTheYarn

Cat wizard hat.
Made by CatsInHatsShop

Cute dog hat.
Made by Shantelldesign

Witch cat hat.
Made by GreenSlipStitch

Cute white dog hat.
Made by LanaRoyals

Pink dog hat.
Made by AmandaStreetmanArt

Cat king.
Made by GreenSlipStitch

14 thoughts on “2022 Winter Crocheted Pet Hat Fashion Collection”

  1. Uh, Freddie, did you ask these animals how they felt about these hats? Most of the dogs, and even some of these cats look happy. Learn to read an animal’s expressions before assuming they are being abused.

    Is society abusing you by making you wear clothes, Freddie? Do you want to run around naked and free? Colonies do exist for people like you. Oh, and by the way, just because you have weird nudist fetishes doesnt mean you need to project your feelings onto animals, too.

  2. I find plain stupid to dress animals. Most of them does not need clothes, exept maybe for pooches and pinchers (which I hoestly never owened). I always had “regular” mixed breed mid to big size dogs, all of whom were pretty happy to get soaked in rain, mud and snow. I find any discussion on pet fashion real stupid.

  3. Pet fashion is stupid.
    On the other hand, the tiny berets and the floppy wizard’s hat are quite fetching.
    And chickens rock a tutu.

  4. In a lot of hunting states, you’d be an idiot to put your big, brown dog in a get-up that makes it look like a four-point buck — unless you really hated your dog.

  5. If a hunter mistook that dog for a deer then all the more reason to keep guns out of idiot’s hands.

  6. a lot of these are not bad, yes, the cats do not need hats but also if the animals are unhappy they will try to get the hat off. stop assuming that they are abused or unhappy. dome dogs need hats and stuff to protect there ears, torso and sometimes legs


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