Croc Cowboy Boots: The Ultimate Crime Against Fashion

Crocs are truly a mystery, aren’t they? Everyone hates them, but they all secretly own a pair. They really do make a pair of Crocs for everyone these days. And if you can’t find the ones you like, you can make your very own unique pair with Croc accessories. Even if you’re a die-hard cowboy/cowgirl, and haven’t found that perfect set of crocs yet, that’s about to change. Let us introduce you to the cowboy boot Crocs! Sure, regular Crocs you can slip right on in an instant, but the question you need to ask yourself is, do they protect against rattle snake bites? The answer is clearly no, unless you own a pair of these fabulous bad boys.

Croc cowboy boots.

Okay, we’ll reveal a little secret. There isn’t a real product called the cowboy boot Crocs… yet! They were actually a practical joke idea item that Busch Beer published on their Twitter account. But we can all hope that these materialize into a real product at some point. The Crocs company would be stupid to not test these out as a genuine product. Even if the reception of this innovative design wasn’t totally positive at first, we are sure that it’s just the first reaction to something new, and people will learn to love cowboy boot Crocs eventually:

ell us this isn't genius...

Crocs company really should get their act together and start making these. Hopefully someday you’ll be able to put on your ten-gallon hat, grab your lasso and step into a pair of comfy cowboy boot Crocs. Let us know in the comment section below if you’d be man enough to fill these boots!

10 thoughts on “Croc Cowboy Boots: The Ultimate Crime Against Fashion”

  1. @Anon. – no chaps I’m afraid, but Crocs underpants are oddly mesmerizing. Or maybe it’s that guy. Yeah, it’s that guy.

  2. call it a personality flaw, but i have thought about this for a while now and cannot imagine an actual use for these

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