12 thoughts on “Funny Panhandler Signs That May Actually Work”

  1. I especially like the “hit me with a quarter” one. I would (gently) throw a few quarters at him, just out of appreciation for the humor.

  2. Awesome! Now do the homeless womynz, please!

    Oh w8. There are no homeless womynz. Nice privilege you have there.

  3. With help wanted signs at just about every single place you go. I don’t feel sorry for these LAZY idiots at all.

  4. Yeah but at those help wanted signs they tell them to get out. I’m homeless. And in 2003 I was in khandahar and in 2006 I was in jalalabhad. I came home had a kid started a company. She was killed by a drunk driver. I ended up of the deep end and now I’m trying to climb back out. DON T JUDGE LEST YE BE JUDGED. Walk a day In my shoes I’ll run for a week for yours

  5. People assume they can get a job but I tried and usually was trespassed when I put in application also with criminalization of homelessness many have been given unjustified trumped up felonies making it harder to find a job Noone wants to hire someone who is unable to bathe daily

  6. I never thought it would happen to me but I’m 60, working, living in the woods by myself. I use to have it all. I saved enough to buy a car. Trying to get it registered so I can visit my 90 yr old Mom. She’s in hospice in Iowa and I’m in Kentucky. I don’t drink or do drugs. I work 2 jobs, 15 hours a day x6 days a week. I still can’t afford an apartment. I was one of “those people” who mistakenly judged the homeless as lazy and unmotivated. Now I give my last dollar. I have no power to judge, only God can. At this point in my life nobody wants to hire me. I am trying to come to terms that I will never have a place of my own. Living outdoors is hard. The one thing I learned is you can’t be lazy. You have to give up on socializing. The extreme loneliness out in the woods really gives you time to evaluate your life. Why can’t people just be respectful of others. Kill em with kindness.

  7. People in this world suck, judge and speak badly about the homeless but I’m homeless in America home of the free my ass can’t go anywhere or do anything unless you have someone to watch what little bit you have or it’s taken bye the police or someone else it’s bullshit how people act we are just people get it over yourself I’m better than you because I know the truth about what goes on .

  8. @digupskulls I feel sorry for you because you chose a screen name like that…. And word of caution: be careful who you judge because God just may let you be Them one day to teach you not to judge people in situations you have never experienced in order to soften your heart. I always say, we can learn our lessons the easy way if we are willing to be open minded – or, we can hold out and end up learning them the hardest way. Choice is ours. Which will you chose?

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