This Dining Table Has a Hole For Your Cat To Peak Through And Join You For Dinner

Japanese online retailer Dinos has released a new line of cat furniture and part of their line-up includes this oak table with a perch underneath and a hole in the middle. It gives your feline friend a seat, right in the middle of the table, making your cat the centerpiece of your dining experience, as it should be, because cats are the real owners of “your” house.

Cat table.

The unique cat dining table is made and sold by Japanese website, and when (terribly translated) to English, the name of the table is called “Dining table to relax with a natural oak cat”. Which really seems about right, besides being an oak cat.

Cat table from Japan.

The unique cat friendly dining table has an optional plug that you can place over the table when you’d rather your cat not join you at the table (maybe when you’re having a more fancy dinner).

Cat table plug.

Peaking cat.

When the hole is plugged with the stopper, your cat can still use the shelf under the surface as a bed or a resting spot.

Cat table.

Cat table.


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  1. Tea August 25, 2021

    I love it! And look at the tail on that black and white cat!

  2. Ray T. August 26, 2021

    I thought it was a racoon.

  3. Pedant August 26, 2021


  4. America August 26, 2021

    Joe Biden is a useless sack of excrement.

  5. Patriot August 26, 2021

    Even Trump’s orange, smelly ego is too large for that hole.

  6. Get a life August 26, 2021

    @America: Slow down little fella, you’re trying to hard! @Patriot: He’s no longer in office…move on!

  7. They don't work for us. August 27, 2021

    One day Sad and Useless is going to do a page one all the inane, moronic political rants posted in response to pictures of cat furniture and stupid instagram trends.

  8. Anonymous August 29, 2021

    It doesnt provide enough room for the cat to get their arm up and out to use their paw.
    So it’s a cruelty to animals table.
    Sick and wrong.

  9. Anonymous September 9, 2021

    @They don’t work for us. Sad and Useless would need an entire collection for these idiots.

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