Chicken Decanter And Glass Set

Nowadays storing liquor isn’t really enough on its own to impress the guests. However, what might be enough is a set of silly ranch-themed decanters, glasses and a bunch of whiskey to help you get a good laugh. That’s exactly the idea behind the skilfully crafted chicken decanter set. It even comes with a couple of glasses standing on chicken legs!

Chicken decanter.

The company that makes this weird thing claims that each set is individually handblown. While it might explain the steep price, we think that human breath can be put to a better use – to blow up the inflatable Jesus doll for example.

Chicken decanter set.

This decanter is an especially useful for people who love to get completely shitfaced, as it holds a lot of liquid. You can pour an entire bottle of wine or whiskey in it, and it will still be only filled halfway up the wings. Also, there’s no lid. You have to drink up all your alcohol in one sitting or else… pour it back? Nobody does that.

Chicken decanter with glasses.

If you think that this set is worth your money and you wish to make your raging alcoholism problem a bit more funny, you can get it on Amazon.

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  1. They have better ones at the Amzn link.
    Why didn’t they make a chicken head for a stopper? Doesn’t that seem reasonable?

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