30 thoughts on “What Happens When People Try To Save Money On a Tattoo”

  1. Love the one of the white dog… at least the ears are right.

  2. After seeing this some Hayes Carll lyrics come to mind: “I’ve got no rings upon my fingers, no ink beneath my skin. I’ll be as clean going out as I was coming in.”

  3. The last one, it ain’t Jesus. It’s the next Savior down the road, “Our Farther. “

  4. I don’t know why they would want these even if they were good. (Yes, I’d like a giant crab on my back for the rest of my life, please….)

  5. WTF! They deserve everything they end up with including the free dose of hep and aids

  6. I know the loon that got the lion king one ! it’s not that the artist has fkd it up it was a picture his dad drew many years ago and it has sentimental value to him ! Agreed it’s not what we look at as a ‘good tattoo’ but it’s a good tattoo to him and that’s all that counts

  7. Yeah dawg, I lernt how to do tattoos when I was locked up. Now that I gots a real tattoo machine and colors, there is nothing I can’t do!

  8. Some of these would be great if you are trying to cheer up a person who is really down. You could just pull up your sleeve or pant leg and say, yeah, what about this? They might just burst out laughing!

  9. I believe many of these amateur tattoos are done by a Brasilian women who is being celebrated for her original style.

  10. I fill sorry for who ever has to we’re the tattoo the work is just omg no just very bad

  11. @ Anonymous May 5, 2019
    ‘I fill sorry for who ever has to we’re the tattoo the work is just omg no just very bad’

    I feel sorry for your writing and spelling skills… boy, oh boy, oh boy.

  12. That was some epic shit out the septic!! I wonder if these wanna be stinksters hang their art somewhere they can see em all day!!!

  13. My brother is the first one, the lion king tattoo on his back. And all I gotta say is 🤦🏻‍♀️

  14. Please tell me these were just sharpie markers. No. Lol. You’re killing me. Please, stop. Lol.

  15. Why do people steal pics and make there own assumptions on other peoples work without even knowing the true meanings, the lion king tattoo is actually a copy of a picture what his daughter drawn at only a few years old so he had it tattooed on his back!!!

  16. Drawing cats isn’t very simple.
    *starts drawing a cat*
    *makes a mistake*
    *crosses it out*
    I can just do it again!
    *turns out that the cat drawing is a tattoo on someone*

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