20 thoughts on “Summer Is In Full Swing, Cats Are Ripening In Trees, Soon To Be Harvested”

  1. The harvest may not happen in the United States. There just aren’t enough immigrant workers to go around this year due to Coronavirus and 45’s policies. Won’t somebody think of all those poor unharvested kitties?

  2. yes sneaking across the border is an immigrant , whatever help you slept at night loser

  3. The bobcat is the one dangling by its paws with just its top half shown. It has little tufts on it’s ears.

  4. Thank you, anonymous — so that is a wild Bobcat, not a Savannah or Tiger cat kitten? I thought it was, due to the speckles, and I”m not up on ear tufts in domestic breeds, but I do know Bobcats and Lynx have them.

  5. Not to mention when it starts to rain… “It’s raining cats and dogs-;)” I want to see the dogs up in the trees too-;) For those of you that haven’t heard of the “Spaghetti Harvest” google it and the BBC!

  6. They just look so calm and happy! Did you see how that one had his/her tongue sticking out? That means it’s really calm and maybe even having a nice nap. This is what happiness looks in a cat, and it’s great that they were able to capture these precious moments.

    I’ve never had any “cat fruit”, but my cat Divina does like to climb trees. She doesn’t sleep in them or anything like that, she just likes to climb. She’s like a squirrel.

  7. I’m grateful to all cat lovers who post such wonderful pics! Have been through an 8 month health crisis, but these pics have kept me laughing through it all. Getting better by the day… thanks, everyone!

  8. I guess I should be looking up more. No wonder that I do not see any cats in my neighborhood – maybe their in the trees.

  9. Can anyone tell me where the hairless cats grow, must be somewhere tropical? Do the hairless cat trees have leaves or are those missing as well ?

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