If Every Olympic Sport Was Photographed Like Women’s Beach Volleyball…

No, we do not think the women’s volleyball teams should stop wearing bikinis. We do think though that it would be fair to broadcast all Olympic sports in the same style.

Women's beach volleyball.

Alpine skiing butt.

Football butt.

Speed skating.

Rugby butts.

Karate butt.

Wrestling butt.

Basketball butt.

Curling butt.

Badminton butt.

Biathlon butt.

Bobsleigh butts.

Fencing butt.

Sailing butt.

Gymnastics butt.

12 thoughts on “If Every Olympic Sport Was Photographed Like Women’s Beach Volleyball…”

  1. I’d rather they just let the women wear whatever they want, preferably modest so we can watch the sport rather than their jiggly parts. There should not be a difference between men’s and women’s sportswear for the Olys except as it affects the game/sport being played.

  2. Tea) Actually, i agree. Unlike most of some of your comments, thats ACTUALLY something i agree with.

  3. I took a look at the olympic beach volleyball and, I’m disappointed to say, not a single one looks like what was suggested here. Also it seems rather boring. Perhaps the author has a better zoom than I do.

  4. Get real. The only ratings the olympics ever got were for T&A. All you non-binarys dog-mommys can go back to dying your hair green.

    You may now resume your fake-outrage.

  5. Only three doggy-mommy downvotes. ‘Disappointed’, to say the least, “ladies”. Get back to work.

  6. “I think the men should wear same, done and dusted, like those asses and bulges.”
    It’s the only sausage you’ll ever get, Karen. Hope it works for you.

  7. As if ladies only watch the men’s diving and water polo and volleyball events for the thrill of competition. “Let ye who would outlaw Speedos be the one to cast the first stone.”


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