IKEA Released a Plush Shark And People Are Losing Their Minds Over It

Blahaj the IKEA’s shark toy is going viral as people put it in various (and often humorous) situations, snapping and sharing photos online. From reading the morning newspaper to playing a guitar, this shark is the star of many scenarios. So, scroll down to see the funniest examples for yourself.

Shark enjoying coffee.

Shark eating cereal.

Shark family in a back seat.

Shark using a laptop.

Shark taking a bath.

Shark chilling with a book.

Shark studying.

Business sharks.

Shark reading a book.

Shark eating a cat.

Practice makes perfect.

Eating pancakes with a shark.

Shark on the bridge.

Shark on a vacation.

Shark playing with Autumn leaves.

IKEA shark putting together IKEA lamp.

Gamer shark.

Drinking wine with a shark.

Shark playing guitar.

Shark eating dinner.


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  1. Blahaj November 17, 2019

    Very funny, love it!

  2. Anonymous November 18, 2019


  3. Uno December 11, 2019


  4. ITS_MEH January 4, 2020

    i have the same shark and i might start making these pictures

  5. ME May 19, 2020

    thus is greAT

  6. dorito June 25, 2020

    …this. is. adorable.

  7. Ilene July 17, 2020

    I have your ikea blahaj . Her name is Ilene.

  8. Sharky September 4, 2020

    I LOVE this SHARK! :-)

  9. Punjab November 27, 2020

    Nice 👍

  10. IKEA CEO January 13, 2021

    Nice we are earning money right now :)

  11. Ikea CEO (sus one) October 19, 2021

    We are now discontinuing the “blahaj” in all of Asia. only places it will be left at are USA stores, and Canada stores.

  12. blahaj is best October 19, 2021


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