Funny And Sad Examples of How Media Can Manipulate The Truth

In recent years more and more people are finding it harder to stay well informed because it’s getting more challenging to determine which news are accurate. We gathered some examples of how media can use different techniques of deception to trick you into seeing exactly what they wanted you to see. As you will discover, perspective really is everything! It all goes to show that a healthy dose of skepticism goes a long way, and getting your news from a wide range of different sources is your best bet to a more rounded view of the world we live in.

This photo was taken when Kate Middleton and Prince William presented third royal baby to the world.

TV news station.

U.S. Marines help an Iraqi soldier with water from a canteen in southern Iraq, march 21, 2003

Mike Pence at presidential inauguration of Donald Trump.

Big, boisterous crowd in Omaha for Hillary Clinton and Warren Buffett.

Tax protest in Paris.

Theresa May launches the campaign bus in Northumberland.

Pro-immigration protest.

Photographer Ruben Salvadori covered the conflict between Israeli soldiers and Palestinian youths. This picture was staged in cooperation with a young Palestinian.

6 thoughts on “Funny And Sad Examples of How Media Can Manipulate The Truth”

  1. Ironic that this thread itself looks like propaganda…if media actually claimed, for example, that the kid was in a cage when in fact he was running around outside it, why aren’t they mentioned?

  2. I find the previous comments very reassuring… they reflect my reaction as well. Good to know that common sense and critical thinking is not dead.

  3. This article is manipulative itself. There is always going to be a dramatic difference in appearance between close-cropped, medium angle-to-telephoto shots, and the same scene with a wide-angle lens. Most events are photographed to look visually interesting. This isn’t all “big media manipulation”.

    I’m 100% anti-Trump/Pence, but those two Pence waving photos are taken at different times. Who knows what has changed in the scene between them.

  4. “Exactly… more Russian trolls trying to bad mouth the American media again…”

    Yeah, like You need the russians to do that…

    Russian collusion, anyone?


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