People Share Their Most Embarrassingly Awkward Situations

Whether it be bumping into an ex, farting at a funeral, or asking somebody when they’re due when they’re simply overweight, we’ve all found ourselves in awkward situations at some point in our lives. But there’s awkward, and then there’s awkward, and as you can see from this cringeworthy list, some people take it to a whole new level.

Just tried a coat on in TK Maxx. It was the coat of a customer trying on another coat. I can never leave the house again.

Airport cashier: "Have a safe flight." Me: "You too!" I CAN NEVER COME HERE AGAIN.

After flunking a job interview, got up, shook everyone's hands, and walked into the coat closet.

Just bumped into a mannequin & said "sorry". Then said "Oh I thought you were a person". Then realized I was still talking to a mannequin.

A friend went placed her order at drivethru. She then heard "Could you drive up to the speaker you're talking to the trash can"

Tbt to Halloween when I dressed as the babadook but my friend's house had more of a grown ups drinking wine vibe

was waiting in line, stepped backwards onto someone's foot, turned around with open hands in apology, cupped both her boobs.

Called in sick to work one day. Saw one of my students at the beach. We nodded as we both realized we were skipping my class. #IGotCaught

Got into the passenger seat of the wrong car outside of starbucks. The driver waited until I finished my phone call to tell me.

We have a Texas sage plant that flowers before rain. When asked if it would rain today I said "Not according to my bush."

Mistook the man limping towards me for someone I knew...

nanny job interview, told job would involve light housekeeping replied "I've never kept a Lighthouse before but willing to try"

Have a great baby.

sent the following text (about my Hispanic landlord) to NOT my roommate:"Jesus is coming at 10am. Be awake and have clothes on"

Get out of my school!

Was asked by a distant relative what I do...proudly exclaimed "I are a teacher!"

On a trip, saw some baby horses, could not think of the word foal, finally shouted "horse kittens" and pointed. Wife understood

I took a call at work & tried to transfer it. I was the only person there. I pretended to be someone else w/ a British accent.

9 years ago I asked the girl of my dreams out on a date, today I asked her to marry me. She said no both times.

I told someone at a party, "that dirty old man is trying to hit on you". She said, "actually he's my fiancé".

14 thoughts on “People Share Their Most Embarrassingly Awkward Situations”

  1. I’m a Casual Relief Teacher and one day at the local swimming pool I thought I recognised a student from a school often teach at. I called to her and she is not who I thought she was. I looked like a creep who calls out to children.

  2. I walked to the end of my driveway on a pitch-black morning to pick up the newspaper. There was a creature moving quickly on the street, about the size of a bear. I started clapping and making loud noises to frighten it away, when I hear, “Ma’am, are you OK?” My response? “I didn’t realize you were human” as I ran back into the house.

  3. I once thought I recognized a friend in the street and waved my hands while yelling their name. When I realized my mistake, I just said “oh” and ran away. They were terrified.

  4. As an ER RN, looked at a patient and said….”I’ll get you some medicine when you return from x-Way. I sounded just like Elmer Fudd.

  5. Camping in a group, watching young male USFS workers take turns riding a little bike down a long ramp, flying into the water. After watching for a while and calling out comments….I walked over to one guy and said, “I just have to show you my new T-shirt.” The shirt had cartoon figures on it and one had only one eye. Under the pics it read, “It’s all fun and games until someone loses an EYE!!”…..He said, “Been There, Done THAT!’……You Betcha. He lost his eye in a childhood accident…..

  6. My Mom’s husband has a sister named Joan. I have an aunt named Joan, or I should say “had”. I guess I’d forgotten she’d passed away. Few years back. My Mom sent an email to all of both her and her husband’s kids asking us to send Auntie Joan a card for her 90th birthday. Now, I’ve never called my step Dad’s sister Auntie Joan, never. My Auntie Joan was a swearer, and among my favourite swears of hers was the expression, “Shittin’ Jesus”. So I write in the card that I’ve always remembered a funny thing you used to say, and I’m going to use that phrase now— “Shittin’ Jesus, I cant believe you’re 90!” Well, turns out the card was going to my step Dad’s semi-straight-laced sister. As my Mom was telling me that Joan’s daughter mentioned that I’d sent a card, it dawned on me what had happened. And when I told my Mom what I’d written and why, she and I both just about shit ourselves. We laughed our asses off, I intermittently covering my face in utter humiliation.

  7. When I was 16 I saw my Latin teacher with his head down loading groceries into the back seat of his car. When I said Hiya, he straightened up and I saw that it was not my teacher after all, but some other grizzled old guy. “Oh sorry,,” I stammered, “I thought you were Mr. Wright!” With a gleam in his eye, he shot back, “Well I could be Darlin'”. I fell right through the pavemnent!

  8. I was making tie dye. I used an empty nozzle from nasal spray to spray water. While I was spraying, Dad took out a new nozzle. When I was done, I put down my nozzle, Dad threw it away when I didn’t notice, and I wanted to spray everyone with water from the nozzle, so I did. Then my dad looked at me all funny. Turns out I sprayed everyone with nasal spray from the
    new nozzle!

  9. Number 5 made me laugh so hard I choked up the late-night coffee I was drinking.
    My embarrassing moment happened when I was a teen, and I was walking my little sis to her swimming class. She went inside and I was playing Candy Crush on my phone and then I saw a little blonde head pop around the corner. I knew she was my sister’s friend so I bent down (I’m tall) and turned her around and said HI really loudly into her face. Then I realised that it wasn’t my sister’s friend.

  10. i was with the store with my grandma, (this is when i was 2) and i wandered off and came back and i thought i hugged my grandmas leg, but ended up hugging a complete strangers leg

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