80 thoughts on “If Mr. Bean Played Every Role In Hollywood…”

  1. Oddly, in some of the serious roles (Scarface and Indiana Jones) he looks good. ..I think Hollywood should do a comedic version of all iconic characters with him as Mr.Bean and without him speaking (the last movie of Mr.Bean,he spoke)I didn’t like that….☺

  2. Another sad and useless item would be if Bean played every leading politician.
    Ghandi Bean, Boris Bean Johnson, Bean Thatcher, President A. Bean Lincoln, President Bigley Bean, President Barack Obeana…

  3. Danny Garcia, I agree he does have a lot of swag there. But I wouldn’t like to see him in all of them. The overacting and caricature is esp made for the Beamish roles not for all those offered. Its funny though.

  4. Rowan Atkinson is great he did look good in some of those pictures not many actors can pull off comic like he can I love his Johnny English movies can watch them over and over again and still get a good laugh Black Adder is another one I also like,but don’t see them anymore. Go get them Mr Bean

  5. I like cheese. Like really, a lot. My preference is normally softer cheeses like Camembert and Brie but I can definitely get excited about a nice sharp cheddar or more mild Colby or Gouda. I wonder if Mr. Bean likes cheese?

  6. LOVE them all and he pulls them all off so well. Especially liked Mr Bean on the Iron Throne with Teddy!

  7. Actually,the 007 version of mr Bean is called “Johnny English”.You’re welcome .Sorry for all of my mistakes up there,my phone is new 😃😂

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