12 thoughts on “Brutally Honest Slogans”

  1. There’s a beer called Blatz. When I was in college it was the cheapest. I thought it was awful My slogan for it: “Blatz, the beer that tastes like it sounds.”
    Schaefer had the slogan – “The beer to have when you’re having more than one.” I thought this was odd because when we were poor college students we’d drink a more expensive beer for the first and follow up with cheap beer because you couldn’t taste the difference. So it seemed like Schaefer was advertising itself as the beer to have when your tongue is numb and you can’t discern whether it tastes good or not.

  2. There was also a beer called Schlitz. Which sounds a lot like what you’ll have the next day after drinking it.

  3. We hear you Aussies. No one drinks Heineken here either.
    Heineken. Our worst beer that we export for at a premium price.

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