19 thoughts on “Criminal Hairstyles: Mugshots Are The Crazy Haircuts Goldmine”

  1. Another parade of the untreated mentally ill in a barbaric society. In days of old, people may have laughed at the village idiot, but at least the poor bugger usually had someone to look after him.

  2. Dude in purple T, Don King hair & Heterochromia would be a handsome fella with a little cleaning up.

  3. Really? Natural African American dreadlocks made it into this category? During Black History Month? SHAME on you!!!! Eurocentric racist norms still driving your aesthetic much?

  4. These pictures aren’t funny. There are a lot of sad and ill people here. It’s not right to post their pictures for people to laugh at.

  5. Love that bold af, and bright pink, comb-over one of the fckers sported XD

  6. They should form teams and battle in an arena for the people to enjoy. A Romanesque Experience.

  7. This Is Joe Biden here. If you think America is great, think again, now that I am in power from 1998 and onwards we will be celebrating the decleration of idependance

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