26 thoughts on “Awkward Vintage Christian Music Album Covers”

  1. Those are awesome. Sadly, they’re no nuttier than some of the “self-published” books available on Amazon right now.

  2. The “Satan is Real” album cover would make an awesome poster.

    Re: the last album in the list, is that a bomb/missile?

    Finally, many of those Christians have quite the fascination with puppets – quite the metaphor there.

  3. I am not sure which disturbed me most: the amount of times I just read “he touched me” or the number of ventriloquist dummies!

  4. On that Don’t Pity Me one, someone’s gonna have to declare their pronouns, cuz it’s unclear.

  5. I’m not sure if this site will let me post link, but google “the faith tones”, it’s an interesting mystery

  6. Christian bashing is so “in”, right? And apparently, so is flaunting your dirty mind and ignorance of historical fashion. Maybe you should look up “tolerance” in a real dictionary and gain some knowledge.

  7. Faith is self destruction is actually the little singer boy Greg Kendrick. I guess he got touched and didn’t get the fame he was promised in return.

  8. Re: Greg Kendrick
    Maybe he should write a book about that touching. That might get him the fame.

  9. To be fair, a couple of those aren’t Christian albums (J.J. Worthington and “Nuttin’ for Christmas”). The rest are from the 1960’s and early 1970’s when clothing and hairstyles were creepy. Don’t believe me? Watch an episode of the “Brady Bunch”.

  10. Just your typical American morons* who believe in a non existent god.
    * there’s about 300 million of them.

  11. HHah yea . Thee are classic for sure …. . 😉
    Hope I can find a few more for ya bud ! 😀 .
    Tim … in Fargo

  12. Ya’ll, these things are terrifying, I’m disturbed by the times it wnvolved ‘touching’ and the ‘puppets’.
    It’s like they’re staring into my soul forcing be to get into Christianity….
    I am truly sorry, but I won’t be becoming Christian any time soon..

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