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  1. Anonymous April 2, 2020

    In their defense: first, Max Webster was the name of the band, not an individual member, a la Alice Cooper. They were a very good band from Toronto who had a number of hits and toured extensively. That album cover was intentional. Gender bending was a calculated part of the album’s design; they knew what they were doing. I can still remember three of their songs, Hangover, High Class in Borrowed Shoes, and Let Go the Line, and that’s more than I can say for a whole lot of bigger bands such as Yes. The leader, Kim Mitchell, was pretty famous and the band was very well known throughout eastern Canada. They wrote intelligent, adventurous songs that rocked.

  2. dorito July 9, 2020

    some of these are just kinda downright hilarious

  3. John the Presbyterian October 2, 2020

    I suppose I’d use the middle one in the Faith Tones if I had to.

  4. Anonymous March 13, 2021


  5. Cringe April 4, 2021

    ‘Ol Gary looks like he’s ready to get down to business indeed

  6. Anonymous October 31, 2021

    There won’t be any album covers soon.

  7. Anoy-mouse December 5, 2021

    How can you even tell a dog is gay? They’ll hump literally anything.

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