Taxidermists Are Seriously Turning Deer Butts Into Assquatches

What you’re looking at is, to put it frankly, anthropomorphized deer butts, also known as an assquatches and taxidermists are actually making and selling these things. Scroll down to see the best (worst?) examples and let us know if you’d like to put something like this on your bedroom wall.






















Utah werewolf.



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  1. Lurking Coward June 8, 2020

    Deer: If you shot and killed me for food, I get that. Carnivore. But… you shot and killed me to make a joke out of my ass? WTF?

    These are disturbing.

  2. Anonymous June 8, 2020

    Please tell me someone’s really good at Photoshop and extremely bored…

  3. Anonymous June 8, 2020

    This is just plain wrong, killing animals for food is OK but to make an ‘Assquatch’? What is the world coming to.

  4. Cimino June 8, 2020

    Deer asses are generally considered inedible.
    These are great/macabre!

  5. Anonymous June 8, 2020

    These were no killed just to make an ass squatch. They are using left over parts and being creative.

  6. V McIntyre June 8, 2020

    Where can I get one?

  7. KC June 8, 2020

    Who has links for purchases?

  8. Jean R Kutzer Jr June 8, 2020

    I want one for a hat!

  9. Anonymous June 8, 2020

    These are great

  10. Notanidiot June 9, 2020

    You city fools! Of course they were used for food. It’s also possible they We’re taken out of the population because of wasting disease. Calm your tatas.

  11. Bob June 9, 2020

    The girl in photo # 3 is the scariest one

  12. Anonymous June 9, 2020

    Hummm not bedroom wall,, unless He is sleeping out in the Man Shed…..

  13. Bartree June 9, 2020

    Gee come on people the only part of the deer that is used in mounting is the hide -none of the meat is used as it would rotten and stink good grief🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  14. Anonymous June 9, 2020

    They got too much time !!!

  15. Anonymous June 9, 2020

    I would do my whole livingroom in these! Hilarious!

  16. Pug June 9, 2020

    The dude in the 4th photo scared the assquatch outta me

  17. Anonymous June 10, 2020

    Everyone complaining about making these…you do realize you can eat the meat AND taxidermy the hide, right? It’s not an either/or thing.

  18. Starlit Copechal June 10, 2020

    They are different, just not wanting them in my bedroom lol, and right they are just using left over parts. Very creative but would scare the daylights out of me if I see it in my house in the middle of the night

  19. Christopher June 10, 2020

    I didn’t even know that this was even a thing!! I gotta buy one, they’re weirdly cool! 👍🏼🤟🏻🤠😎✌🏼🤘🏼🍺🥃🍺

  20. Dave Lamme June 10, 2020

    Good God… we usually throw the ass AWAY… this is just entrepreneurship at its best. Get a life, anonymous.

  21. Anonymous June 10, 2020

    Please, please, PLEASE someone make headgear out of these instead! I know so many asshats I would give it to. Wouldn’t even tell them what they were wearing.

  22. Anonymous June 10, 2020

    Love it

  23. Eric T June 10, 2020

    I tried doing this with humans by the end result just looks like my stepmother without makeup.

  24. Anonymous June 11, 2020

    They look amazing some top quality craftsmanship right there

  25. Joseph June 11, 2020

    Awesome…love it very creative

  26. Anonymous June 11, 2020

    I know some badass taxidermists in cali that could pull this off with ease! Awesome if it becomes the new trend – masks?!

  27. Anonymous June 11, 2020

    Some make owl faces with them. When I was a kid, just a deer butt was up over the exit at a restaurant in Minnesota

  28. Anonymous June 11, 2020

    If you leave a comment about this is senseless killing of a deer to make a mask…you are an ID-10-T, know absolutely nothing about hunting or taxidermy, and should probably go Google taxidermy…before you show the rest of us how much of a fool you are.

  29. Derek June 11, 2020

    The first appearance of an Assquatch was in Star Wars Return of the Jedi. It was the strange dead creature that catches Chewbacca’s attention that winds all our heroes snared in an Ewok net. Don’t believe me, go look for yourselves.

  30. Shawn June 12, 2020

    Love the one in the baby stroller!!! Bwahahaha…..

  31. Tracey D. June 12, 2020

    This cracks me up!! I need one for each entry door to my house to keep “some people” from visiting. 😉 Creativity is only limited by the minds of uncreative people.

  32. Shane Halstead taxidermy June 12, 2020

    Lol, I love it, theses ass mounts are cool and in taxidermy there a novelty item.not for all people but still very creative way to use more of the animal or your trophy its perfectly legal and quite the conversation peace for people that dont know these asssquatch have been around along time back into the 60s maybe before then they became popular when starwars movies came out everybody wanted one and still popular today , so if you dont like them then dont look at them or buy one it’s a personal choice that should be respected, I’m am a taxidermist of 38 yrs love all aspects of taxidermy and peoples rights to choose nothing elegal about it ,

  33. Anonymous June 12, 2020

    available at taxidermy shops not cheap. its art art is expensive lots in ny

  34. dlmad June 13, 2020

    nice try all of you who said the deer were killed just to make these faces. Are you really that fricking stupid ??? We do not eat the hide of the animal ! It is a by product and used in some cases to make rugs, gloves, moccasins, and all kinds of other stuff. So think before you run your mouth !!!

  35. Anonymous June 13, 2020

    Maybe dont comment if your to stupid to understand the use of inedible parts after the meat has been processed and eaten.

  36. Anonymous June 14, 2020

    This is awesome. Hate those damn know-it-all city people but not all of ’em are like that. Got a few good friends from NYC.

    But maybe don’t comment if you can’t use punctuation or proper spelling.

  37. Anonymous June 14, 2020

    I want 2

  38. Anonymous June 14, 2020


  39. Anonymous June 14, 2020

    Maryland Forest #45 needs a combover to look more… real.

  40. Anonymous June 14, 2020

    Sorry… “Baltimore Forest #45” needs a combover to look more… real. LOL

  41. Anonymous June 16, 2020

    People. They were killed for food AND assquatch. Chill

  42. Noah June 17, 2020

    Call them what u well but im calling them butt monkey’s

  43. unowho June 18, 2020

    These ass-faces are going to be in my nightmares tonight

  44. Niko who live in the mountains June 23, 2020

    People who think the deer were just killed for their butts are stupid… and its sad that when i started looking i just knew that all the city peeps would be disgusted because they live in a safe place with no reason to live the live in a place that is just taking up animals space (and people who know how to live) and polluting it. that make me mad. The asssquates were awesome.

  45. Anonymous June 24, 2020

    Call the Trailer Park Boys! Found a whole nest of Samsquanches!

  46. Anonymous July 10, 2020

    of course the meat was used….using the butt for this is awesome… people are the real assquatches

  47. Bruce July 20, 2020

    Anyone know where I can buy one?

  48. Dave December 8, 2020

    I’ve been reading these post and am laughing my ass off. These posters have no earthly clue how these animals were killed, they may have been harvested for food, hit by automobiles or any other numerous ways animals get killed. Regardless by the time the taxidermist gets the skin, the animal is already dead and if left alone the skin will simply rot. I think this is an awesome use of the deer hide.

  49. Anonymous January 2, 2021

    For those of you that think that you cannot eat the meat and make an assquatch, I am here to tell you that you are WRONG. I am a taxidermist that received a bunch of deer hides from hunter who have taken all the meat to eat and gave me the hides. I actually have 4 at the moment that I will be turning into assquatchs. Learn your facts or sit down, be quiet and let the professionals do their thing.

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