Aged Like Milk: Things That Aged So Bad, They Went Sour

Some things in this world need time to mature. Cheese and wine, relationships, our self-esteem… But they are not what this post is about. Quite on the contrary – we will be looking at things that miserably failed the test of time and made it into full walk of shame mode.

The internet will never take off!

Well, Bitcoin has stabilized at almost exactly $14/coin. I'm tired of waiting for a jump, so I'm taking the loss and getting my cash back

Kevin was wrong.

Aged like milk.

Michael Jackson in 2000.

My all-time favorite Bezos anecdote is Harvard business school students giving him feedback on Amazon in 1997

I remember winning Vietnam as well.

Microsoft employees holding a funeral for the iPhone following the "success" of their Windows phone.

Wanna live forever?

Don't mess with MySpace!

The next Steve Jobs.

These didn't age well.

How Lance does it?

Diet tip.

A StarCraft gaming tournament took place 11 years ago and these were the prizes teams could win.

Reward them with a visit.

Classic Daily Mail...

What if I just sold all of my stuff and traveled across Europe in 2020

Bachelor of the month.

The original ending to Rambo 3 aged quite poorly...

Tweet why you’re leaving Netflix. The top three most creative tweets using #GoodbyeNetflix will win a 1-year subscription to Blockbuster!

Y’all said #Russia was about to invade #Ukraine. I told you it wasn’t. You were wrong. I was right. Again. Show some bloody humility. Especially if they’re not even paying you to act like an idiot.

8 thoughts on “Aged Like Milk: Things That Aged So Bad, They Went Sour”

  1. Actually, Krugman’s prediction about the Internet was accurate. It has certainly changed the world, but he was making a prediction on the economic impact, not the cultural impact. We have trouble seeing the impact in productivity data, just as we do about the IT revolution generally. Economically-speaking, the IT revolution hasn’t affected the economy the way, say, prior shocks like the telephone, trains, steam engines, etc, did.

  2. Krugman also predicted that the stock market would NEVER recover from DJT’s election. NYT is exactly where this clown belongs.

  3. Despite the small business ruining juggernaut that Amazon became, early attempts at being just an online bookseller were failures. It wasn’t until Bezos mastered his supply chain that Amazon became worth anything at all. And now, we can’t seem to shut it off.

  4. Elizabeth Holmes should’ve tried her hand at politics, where lying through your teeth is paid handsomely.

  5. “Economically-speaking, the IT revolution hasn’t affected the economy the way, say, prior shocks like the telephone, trains, steam engines, etc, did”. Are you out of your mind? What is your field of work? carrot farming? IT has changed everything: look just at banking, on-line sales, logistics (the back-office and planning aspect), and more over: robotized factories, CNC machines!!!, data analysis applied to every aspect of the production process. I work in a laundry, just a $%& laundry, and we have so many computerized washing machines, water extractors, sorting systems, folding equipment. All our billing is computerized, and we can keep track by the hour of how much energy/water/labor we’re using, so we know exactly our daily costs, we don’t have to wait untill the end of Fiscal Year to guesstimate our costs.

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