32 thoughts on “Weird Instagram Beauty Trend: Women With Hairy Arms”

  1. Seems like normal people to me. The internet is strange – normal is unique and unique is normal.

  2. Is this “haute,” “hawt,” or, “hott?” I’m not into it, no matter how it may be classified. Still, it is a form of self-expression; it is a form of art.

  3. For those of you saying “Nothing unusual here” , I’m curious what country you live in. I’ve never seen women with super hairy arms in my country, so I’m genuinely curious.

    This is not a value judgement, but if a woman had hairy arms in my country, it would be extremely rare, and man with a hairy chest is same.

  4. It’s not about the hair, it’s about the underlying drama of contrived ‘repression from the patriarchy’ where they went out of their way to make this list and comply pics in the first place. It was a non-issue, made into an issue, that was happily taken up and touted by all the same social media squatting SJW’s that do this on a daily basis to sneak in a not-so-subliminal message that men are terrible and judgmental. From pocket sizes in their jeans, to body hair and unibrows, it’s a ‘heroic’ display of bravery that no one was aware needed saying. Because no one cared. But still, we get another nail jabbed in the eye of ALL men for being evil pigs, and how ALL women are victims. Even writing this, I bet most female readers will have already jabbed the thumbs down. But it’s not even about men and women, it’s about the pathological need to victimize yourself on social media at the expense of someone else, and if it fits the right criteria, it’s ‘brave’. Fact is, it seems done mostly by women who find an excuse to smugly protest ‘the male gaze’ but I know for a fact no one would care about short men, or bald men, or less attractive men, getting online and being ‘brave’ with their height or features or even acne. They’d be laughed right out of town because it doesn’t fit the narrative. I know many women that are NOT so superficial and shallow as to draw attention to something that can get them even more attention for being ‘brave’ about it, when there are women in wheelchairs who still fix their hair and shave their legs, and blind women who still want to dress nice when they go out in public. So you’re not brave for standing proud with your hairy arms. You and the people behind the movement, are self-absorbed, self titled sufferers of…what? Not much. Until you make it something more, and then you stand there acting like you did something profound, be it posing or taking the pic. Bottom line is, for all you social media martyrs who cook up this nonsense…GET OVER YOURSELF. You’re not that special and you better count your blessings if THIS is your biggest cross to carry.

  5. Girls who have hairy arms are absolutely extra beautiful and extremely SXY. It is a wonderful physical attribute.

  6. I’d have to say this is a “soft” no for me……cause there ain’t no hard happening here…..ever!

  7. Dude. No. Not weird. I’m a female with arm hair. Given, it’s not quite as much as these ladies but enough to have me self conscious as a teen and young adult. But! I found that it was lighter with more time spent in the sun. Just had a large chunk of melanoma taken from my forearm at 40 and more to come soon. This is not a joke. Just stop.

  8. Just search “hairy nude ladies” on any browser with ‘Images’ filtering, and you will see that a LOT of heterosexual men (although maybe not a majority) enjoy women with excessive (but not ‘masculine’) amounts of body hair…..including hairy arms, and legs, armpits, and – use your imagination if you would rather not search for “hairy naked women”. Count me among these men with a ‘perverted’ taste in nude women, along with a great ass, muscle tone, and a nice ‘rack’ on the chest.

  9. My girlfriend is hairy like these girls and I love it. It makes a woman more natural more sexual to me.

  10. Not weird at all. I dated a women with very hairy arms. Being a man with hairy arms it was rather familiar than strange. She was the only person who had problems with it, maybe due to bullying as a young girl.

  11. As a lover of women with hairy arms, I’m familiar with almost every one of these pictures. But many of them are copyright protected and if the owners knew of your site, I’m sure they’d take action. Don’t you know that you can be sued for using copyrighted pictures like this?

  12. I prefer women like this. Unfortunately I’ve only been with a handful. They’re hard to find since most women think it’s ugly and simply shave. All the hairy women I have been with the sex was incredible! They get really turned on. I personally think they have a higher sex drive.

  13. If you think this is normal and “ not weird “ there is something wrong with you…….

    Those girls above are more hairy than 99% of male


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