Annoyed Wedding Girl Meme

When we found this wedding photo on Reddit, it immediately became obvious that it’s a prime meme material. It’s kind of a bastard child of “Sad Wolverine Seeing Jean Grey and Cyclops Kiss” and “Distracted Boyfriend” memes that you have probably seen before. Please do contribute and add your version in the comments below.

My diet.

Annoyed wedding girl meme.

Happens too often.

Annoyed wedding girl meme.

Annoyed wedding girl is not amused.

Which pastry are you?

Media attention shift.

Happens every time.

What's wrong with me?

Chicken nuggets FTW

Next episode starting in...

Wedding girl meme.

Inflation vs. my paycheck.

Annoyed wedding girl is annoyed.

Dinner drama.

Every damn time.

Typical cat behaviour.

Annoyed wedding girl meme.

4 thoughts on “Annoyed Wedding Girl Meme”

  1. Most of these could be (and sometimes were) better done with the “distracted boyfriend” meme. Some were decent though.

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