4 thoughts on “What You Should Accomplish by The Time You Turn 35”

  1. That last one. I was literally just going to go through my box of cables yesterday to make space, but never got around to it.

    I have cables to connect a PalmPilot to my G3 Mac.

  2. Oh wow!!! The cable box!!! Wow!!! Yeah!!!! Memory Lane!!!! Oh Wow!!!! Crap!!! All the money that was spent on the Latest and Greatest!!!! Now just cables are left!!!
    You know that old cable from 286 it may save the planet after all the “smart” tech dies!!! No seriously…. You know right now in some tech freaks bedroom/basement/garage those are all still up and running!!! After the apopolips cums that freak will be able to use your cable at the bottom of the box to reboot our whole planet..,

  3. I…I can’t tell if all the !!!s in the above comment are sarcasm or not.
    I may have to go stroke my charging cable collection for a bit.

  4. I just sorted out that 25-pin parallel port printer cable of my last ink jet printer. However, I am slightly older than 35… :D

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