Absent Father Action Figure: Perfect For Recreating Childhood

The Absent Father action figure toy is the perfect gift for those whose daddies ran away. OK perhaps not the perfect gift but hilarious never the less. In case you missed the joke here’s what you get in the packaging: nothing. No father action figure. He’s not there. He’s gone and left. Never to be seen again.

Absent father action figure.

The packaging features a sad little girl, arms crossed staring into the empty space where a father should be. This all ads to the dramatic effect. Created by the Etsy artist Bad Monster Toys, who isn’t just the brains behind the Absent Father toy but many other weird and wonderful figures too, such as Jeffrey Epstein, Joe Exotic, and The Fog action figures. A great novelty and gag gift to give to a friend, or if you’re really that mean by your fatherless children the absent father action figure and ruin their day.

In case you’re looking for a similar toy for boys, check out Absent Father action figure that’s made by another crafty Etsy seller – RxGrins. His version of Absent Father is guaranteed to not play with you, to forget your birthday, and to not care about you at all, bringing you the ultimate abandonment action!

Absent dad action figure.

In case you find absent father toys too tasteless (or in case it’s sold out), you can also get Deadbeat Dad action figure which sold by company Death By Toys and features a dad who needed to run to the store quickly, but it seems he’s never coming back.

Deadbeat dasd action figure.

Please note that each piece is made entirely by hand, so there will be minor imperfections.

Let us know in the comments if this is actually funny or in such a poor taste and so cruel that any decent human being would get angry just by finding out that these toys exist!

19 thoughts on “Absent Father Action Figure: Perfect For Recreating Childhood”

  1. I’m concerned that you describe Jeffrey Epstein as weird and wonderful. Might want to actually look up what he did and if you still think he’s wonderful, take a hard look at your life.

  2. You would get it if you: like dark humor and your kids’ dad hasn’t contacted them in a year and a half.

  3. This describes 70% of black kids. So funny. Do Massive Youth Incarceration Rate dolls next. Or Homicide Victim dolls. Or maybe Daddy-Issue Barbie.

    Hu-LAR-i-yusss, you guys.

  4. “Absent dad” or “Alienated dad whose ex won’t let the kids met him”? Because I met the second case much more often.

  5. Now do absent dad who does remember birthdays and even sends mom some money and says he misses you and will come back, maybe next year, he just needs to work some more and save money.
    Doesn’t say he has a girlfriend and never plans on coming back because he enjoys vacationing with her and a kid free lifestyle.

  6. Not funny my dad died when I was nine and idk why I’m ranting to internet strangers

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