Funny 90s Memes That Will Make You Nostalgic

Everyone experiences nostalgia to some extent. These 90s memes will strike a cord with generation that experienced the life before the internet, and fully embraced the the arrival of the internet age. Many things made childhood in the 90s special – the CD player that wouldn’t fit into any pocket, the legendary Tamagotchi that died all the time, and hilarious 90s fashion that looks weird and cringy today. Most of these 90s nostalgia relicts are hardly available now, so we have to keep their memories alive. And what better way to do so than creating funny memes?

YouTube in the 1990s.

The “I grew up with no internet” starter pack

Kids today will never know what it was like to take a ton of photos, and have to wait a week to find out they were useless.

Life before smartphones.

Meanwhile, back in the 1999...

Kids these days will never know the struggle

don't ever complain about your research project! this was my Google

When it was time to watch a movie in school

Blocking someone in the 90s be like

What kids have these days vs What we had

What my iTunes used to look like:

A kid found this in the creek and asked if it was from the Civil War?

Which one did you choose?

Ever just said...

“Do you have any previous experience in retail?” Me: yes

When its 1999 and Friday night's about to go off

Kids these days will never understand

Texting in the 90s

I wonder what job Kevin McAllister’s dad in home alone did to afford this house and a vacation to Paris for 9 people

Remember this?

Me: kids today spend WAY too much time on their phones. Also me: in 90s

Kids these days are never gunna know the struggle of overcooking a hard boiled egg every week to get a new ball for the computer mouse

Remember the weird texture these bouncy balls had?

Today's kids will never know how to play Minesweeper - because neither did we.

11 thoughts on “Funny 90s Memes That Will Make You Nostalgic”

  1. Sums up the US education system pretty good. A kid saw a cassette with 1988 written on it and asked if it was from the Civil War. Trump 2024

  2. Must be Abe’s tape of Skynyrd that he lost in Gettysburg and so he had to go and watch them perform live on that fateful day in Ford’s Theatre.

  3. Everyone has one moment in his or her life where the willingness to adopt new technology gets passed by the cumulative weight of life’s frustrations. For me it was the day Office 2007 came out, and suddenly everyone I thought I respected in this world began sending me shit THAT I COULDN’T OPEN.

  4. So cute, children pretending to reminisce about adulting in a period when they were toddlers, at most.

  5. Just got back from grocery shopping and it seems like I was one of the few that used a list written on paper.

  6. Oh, child! My mixtapes were on actual cassette tapes. And the joy of being somewhere without a phone so you could have some time to yourself and not have to make up a lie on the spot. I don’t miss having to return a new LP because it had skips in it. And movies in my classrooms had to be threaded thru a reel-to-reel projector. And most of us had to wait a whole month to find out the latest fashions, makeup, celebrity gossip, and music news.

  7. Toilet paper the neighbors house without fear of 5,943 cameras taking pictures of you from every angle as you walk by every house in the neighborhood. Could have truly been an anonymous prank then. There were essentially zero home security cameras in the 90s.

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