Meet “Shave And Play” Barbie: A Doll You Can Shave!

Have you ever wanted to shave a Barbie’s thick, dark body hair? Well, you are in luck because Etsy store ThoughtfulTot is actually selling “Shave & Play” Barbie doll! And, as far as we can tell from reviews, people are loving it.

Would you like to shave this doll?

In seller’s own words: “You’ve played with regular Barbie, but this is “Shave & Play Borbie” …and she is unlike any other doll you’ve played with! She is FURRY and ready for a trim! Whip out the razor (included) and give her a style all her own! Borbie will love her new, silky smooth, hair-free self!”

Would you like to shave this doll?

Hairy Barbie.

Hairy Barbie doll.

Bearded Barbie.

Hairy Barbie legs.

As you probably already noticed, they’re calling it “Borbie” not “Barbie”. It’s probably for legal reasons, so Mattel won’t sue the crap out of them.

Hairy Barbies.

Perfect Christmas gift.

Anyways, if you feel inspired to play with this abomination yourself, or see this as a good gag gift for someone you hate, head over to ThoughtfulTot’s Etsy store and get yourself one before they’re sold out.

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  1. You might think it’s not funny or in fact, detest it. The guy doesn’t care about your opinion. There is always a market for offensive novelty items that poke fun at established norms,

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