8 thoughts on “Prankster Leaves Fake Animal Facts at the L.A. Zoo”

  1. I know these are jokes, but flamingos aren’t monogamous. Pretty much no animals are monogamous. DNA testing has demonstrated this fact. Some may stay with the same breeding mate for a season, but they’re still not sexually monogamous.

  2. @Poly Amour: “DNA testing has demonstrated this fact.” Huh? Not observation, DNA testing? Are you sure? How would that work? Can you send me the link to the FaceBook post you rely on for this valuable information?

  3. guys, I’m sure Polly gets it. you don’t need to keep making them feel bad.

  4. Don’t know about flamingos, but many animals are monogamous, and some even reproduce asexually. It’s really dependent on species. Cynical me wants to think “poly” up there just want’s to push an agenda, same as the “political hijack” posters on some of these other humor posts. Fact: Phillip is still a jerk.

  5. o wait, i just read the details. so, how about we just enjoy and appreciate the efforts of the prankster to make people happy to go there?

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