Cigarettes From Santa: Vintage Tobacco Christmas Ads

Ho-Ho-(cough)-Ho!  Merry-(cough)-Christmas!  Once upon a time, cigarettes were a Christmas present favorite – the gift that kept on giving (cancer). While kids were busy unwrapping their dolls and toy cars, dad was opening his carton of Camels. And the tobacco industry wasn’t shy about promoting their products for the holidays…

Ronald Reagan pushing drugs fro Christmas.

Lucky Strikes are easy on Santa's throat.

L&M Christmas tree.

Merry Christmas! Pleasant smoking!

Keep discriminating!

This Christmas... give Old Golds!

Chesterfields for Christmas. A gift that keeps on giving (cancer).

The taste that's right!

The Lucky Strike family.

Don't miss the fun of smoking!

Tobaccoland's finest gift!

Lucky Strikes - the perfect Christmas gift.

There's nothing like a good cigarette!

Call for Philip Morris!

Gotta move fast to keep up with Old Gold!

For Christmas gifts, here's the answer!

Give 'em Fatima!

He'll better fight than switch.

Santa loves Murad cigarettes.

10 thoughts on “Cigarettes From Santa: Vintage Tobacco Christmas Ads”

  1. good bye forever C sticks – Signed, Jeebus C (quitting after 20 plus years)

    Don’t you just LOVE the fact that it affects your body to the cellular level, making every part of your body age and look like utter shit in a fraction of the time? Its So in, so IT. Its … just… me. Its what we do.

  2. I can’t believe these ads. They knew it was wrong even back then. I’m so glad I quit 36 years ago. I can’t stand cigarette smoke anywhere near me. As for cigars, they give me instant dry heeves.

  3. Unbelievable that nobody recognized the danger that these coffin nails did two persons body. I hate cigarette and cigar smoke. How anyone can let this poison into their body in today’s world is pure insanity. Thankfully I never smoked.

  4. Before my signifcant other and I got together, we worked on a project and every hour she had to step out for a smoke. I started working on her:
    “You know those are bad for your health, right?” Shrug
    “You ever think how expensive those are?” Pause, Shrug
    “Smoking ages your face.” That one struck a nerve
    She quit, but sadly, not in time.

  5. In the French Army, they donated cartons to the soldiers for the XMas season in the late 60’s. My dad was clever enough to sell them to his colleagues. Above all, smoking was (and still is, like it or not) kind of a rite of passage – how can you beat this? And once addicted, it is pretty hard to get rid of the cigarette.

  6. interesting when you realize that, if your parents smoked, you were a smoker before you were born. and as a newborn. and as a kid. and when you took it up as a teenager your parents could say nothing. even more interesting when you realize that this stuff is legal.


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