Werepups: Artist Creates Eerily Lifelike Werewolf Babies

Asia Eriksen combines her artistic talent and her passion for horror – she spends weeks, sometimes even months creating custom werewolf babies called “werepups”. The most striking feature of Erikse’s creations is how strikingly lifelike they look. Her handmade masterpieces aren’t exactly cheap, with prices ranging between $670 and $1,350, but some people consider that a small price to pay for owning a realistic werewolf baby…

14 thoughts on “Werepups: Artist Creates Eerily Lifelike Werewolf Babies”

  1. They are so cute, and would make my Halloween display look wonderful besides keeping the little darlings on display all year. Dress them up for all holidays, set one up in the baby’s highchair. Oh how my mind is racing. Love your work! BEAUTIFUL.

  2. I think any baby half canine half human is adorable and reminds me of Eddy Munsters werewolf doll (Wolfe)
    Those that don’t like reborn and think they are scary don’t get the art . Amazing jobs creating these little ones

  3. Cuter than a human baby, won’t ruin your life, won’t make you pay for college, and probably won’t do drugs.

  4. I have 4 werepups everything about them is so creative on Asia’s part. My babies are so loved !!!!!!

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