Pulsing Umbilical Cord iPhone Charger by Japanese Designer Mio Izawa

This iPhone charger is made to look like an umbilical cord and it even moves and pulsates when you plug it in.  You can buy it on Etsy (if you have more money than sense). Did we mention it costs almost $6,000? Weird art is expensive.

Creepy iPhone charger.

This disturbing yet fully functional accessory is handcrafted from silicone to create a fleshy, life-like appearance. This thing will definitely help you to go from average Joe to social pariah in mere moments by pulling it out in public.

Creepy iPhone charger.

In artist’s own words: “I designed the looking of this cable as an umbilical cord, which mother feeds energy to her baby. It moves as if it’s trying to introduce iPhone into, just like to express an irony to people’s dependance on iPhone.”

Creepy iPhone charger.

We wonder how long it would take a dog to chew through one of these and shock itself…

Creepy iPhone charger.

Creepy iPhone charger.

Creepy iPhone charger.

Creepy iPhone charger.

Would you buy and use it if this charger was cheaper? Let’s say $30. Leave your opinion in comments.



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  1. Anonymous September 11, 2019

    id buy it

  2. Anonymous September 11, 2019

    KILL IT WITH FIRE !!!!!!

  3. Anonymous September 11, 2019

    A pod?! Sure i’ll burn it!

  4. Anonymous September 11, 2019

    Hell no!

  5. Anonymous September 11, 2019

    For $30, I’d jump at the chance to buy it.

  6. Cronenberg September 11, 2019


  7. Anonymous September 11, 2019

    Really optimistic with that $6000 price tag.

  8. Anonymous September 11, 2019

    I would pay up to $100.

  9. Anonymous September 11, 2019

    The importation of this item may be subject to regulation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, or state and local regulatory agencies. If so, do not purchase this item unless you have the appropriate authorizations and/or permits.

  10. anonymous September 11, 2019

    Looks like an alien trying to eat the phone.

  11. Anonymous September 11, 2019

    Yes and gift it to squeamish people I know

  12. bayswaterjames September 12, 2019

    50 bucks for the novelty factor, worth it…

  13. Koizoh Rível September 12, 2019


  14. Anonymous September 12, 2019
  15. Anonymous September 12, 2019


  16. Anonymous September 12, 2019

    I want this now

  17. Anonymous September 13, 2019

    They modded my comment where I compared it to certain “novelty” products of an adult nature?

  18. Godot51 September 15, 2019

    The soft machine…

  19. boons bane September 15, 2019

    Nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure…

  20. Anonymous September 16, 2019

    Clearly, someone is a HUGE David Cronenberg fan. Existenz anyone?

  21. J Kuiters September 22, 2019

    No way would I buy this even at $10.

  22. Anonymous December 26, 2019

    The price dropped to only $5700. It’s a steal at that price.

  23. Anonymous December 26, 2019

    Seriously? Of course I would! :-D

  24. Anonymous December 27, 2019

    I would buy it as a novelty to surprise people. But not a penny more than $5.

  25. Bo December 27, 2019

    David Lynch must be the man behind this particular curtain. If that, then, yes, 6g is just fine.

  26. 🤪 January 2, 2021

    Ya love it I would get it even now if I was rich

  27. 🤪😊 January 2, 2021

    Ya love it I would get it even now if I was rich

  28. Anonymous April 5, 2021

    i make things like this, and it is hard. you have to do sculpting, moldmaking, casting
    in platinum cure silicone , painting , so i would say 6000 dollars is a steal.

  29. Anonymous May 13, 2021


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