Awkward Chinese Men’s Fashion Trend: The Beijing Bikini

What is the “Beijing bikini”? Basically men get really hot so they roll up their shirt. It is mainly the working class and they have been doing this for a long time, however it looks really weird to a westerner. Scroll down to see the funniest examples of this awkward Chinese fashion trend.

Beijing bikini in all its glory.

She loves his Beijing bikini.

Hilarious example of Beijing bikini.

Epic Beijing bikini.

Lovely Beijing bikini example.

Chinese construction worker wearing the Beijing bikini.

Chinese shirt roller in action.

Epic Beijing bikini public display.

Beijing bikini level: PRO.

Beijing bikini guys.

Beijing bikini guy spotted on a bus.

He's taking Beijing bikini to the next level.

Beijing bikini spotted in the wild.

Chinese shirt roller in action.

Teaching them young.

Beijing bikini in action.

Beijing bikini gut on display.

Beijing bikini guy on a lunch break.

Weird Chinese men's fashion trend: the Beijing bikini.

She loves his Beijing bikini.

27 thoughts on “Awkward Chinese Men’s Fashion Trend: The Beijing Bikini”

  1. Pretty common in Venezuela also. It’s hot, pull up the bottom half of your shirt, cool off, nobody can steal your shirt while you’re looking sexy af.

  2. Pretty common in US also. Although it may just be that our belly can’t stay within our shirt due to gravity.

  3. The collector of such photos should try to do something better with their own lives :-)

  4. Yes, betcha the collector of the photographs (and photographer) dont look as perfect themselves as they been trying so hard to convince they themselves they may be better : – )


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