Llama Dressed as Groomsman Charms Guests at New York Wedding

When planning a wedding, keep in mind that nowadays no wedding is truly complete without a wedding llama. No, we’re not joking. A couple from New York had a well-dressed llama hoof it down their aisle and their wedding photographer was there to capture this beautiful sight. Where did they get a llama? The mother of the bride contacted Llama Adventures┬áto make her daughter’s animal dreams come true. The mom thought it would be fun to surprise her daughter Tara, her son-in-law Adam and the entire wedding party with a llama groomsman on the big day. The bride’s mother arranged for a wooly, well-mannered llama named J to appear at the wedding, where he was a huge hit with the newlyweds and the guests.

Wedding llama.

The costume was designed to make it look like the llama was wearing a tuxedo and standing on two feet like all the other weddinggoers. Since llama was dressed for the part, it could join the ceremony, so J stood in as a groomsman.

Wedding llama.

According to its website, Llama Adventure offers animal appearances that can “spice up” various events, including weddings, parties, parades, business promotions, Christmas photo sessions, and more. Nature lovers can also take a llama on a scenic hike in the woodlands of Wyoming County. So, if you wish to have a similar wedding photo session and live the US of A, it can be arranged. We have no idea how much money they spent on this, though.

Wedding llama.

What do you think about this stunt? Would you want to have a llama at your wedding? Let us know in the comment section below!

7 thoughts on “Llama Dressed as Groomsman Charms Guests at New York Wedding”

  1. I’m gonna knock you out. Llama say knock you out!
    Llama, just killed a man…

    I’d love it if the llama hummed. That is adorable!

  2. Going on our 45th wedding anniversary and would love to have a Llama as a guest at our party. I just have to convince my husband.

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