Bride Asks Guests $1,500 Each, And It Doesn’t End Well

This wedding horror story was shared by Twitter user @0lspicykeychain (account now deleted), member of a “wedding shaming” group on Facebook, that delights in discussing the wackiest and elaborate of wedding tales.

It begins with a story of young couple who got engaged at 18 and sealed this bond with a “worth nearly $5k” ring. At 20-years-old their family grew to three and they decided to marry. The couple managed to save up $15,000 but after some consultation from a psychic (yes this story involves a psychic), they were told they should conduct the ceremony in Aruba. Destination weddings ain’t cheap and at an estimated $60,000 the bride wrote that she requested her attendees help pay for the overseas soiree at $1,500 per head, because that’s what friends are for, right? Right?!

As you can imagine this wedding fiasco does not end well for anyone. Scroll down below to see how this epic saga ended.

5 thoughts on “Bride Asks Guests $1,500 Each, And It Doesn’t End Well”

  1. The groom had a very lucky escape, have to feel sorry for the child though since their mother is trash

  2. This person sounds EXACTLY like a girl I used to be friends with… asks for something outrageous, gets angry when you can’t do it, makes you feel bad for her, become friends again, repeat. An endless cycle of toxic

  3. Obnoxious girl, she needs to realise some people may not eat for a month, unfair expectations. She called a friend the f word as well.


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