14 thoughts on “No Cat Is Complete Without a Set Of Battle Armor”

  1. My cat would rip me to pieces if I tried putting any of these costumes on him. However, I do love the Game of Thrones costumes…

  2. I’d like to know who was crazy enough to even put those costumes on those cats? Were those poor kitties given tranquilizers? Most cats would of ripped you apart

  3. I think the costumes are creative and cute. Some of those cats look like they’d use that armor.

  4. The first pictures of Miaowara Tomokoto, and his nephew Shiro, that have EVER been published!

  5. My Melody would be totally chill with this! Her sister, Lyric, less so. Their brother, Reggae would look the coolest, but would be so angry about it.

  6. Don’t worry, I know a lot about armour, and that stuff is an ultralight design, if you look at how the cats are standing, you can tell they are pretty cool with it

  7. The cats: We will rule the world🌎!
    The owners: Oh no u dont *locks cat in kitchen *
    The cats: Ok so that failed now can someone get this thing off of me?

  8. dear, robin and zeph, a LOT of cats dont mind costumes, they might be used to it or they just like the attention. so stop hating!

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