18 thoughts on “People Riding Around Walmart In Really Strange Ways”

  1. We are missing a great opportunity to cstop covid In Its tracks. Give all the mask haters plastic bags to tie over their heads. Within a few minutes we can solve the issue for them.

  2. they need to get rid of those karts, all they do is allow fat people to go buy food they shouldnt be eating in the first place.
    get rid of the karts and these people will have to get off their fat A$$’$ if they want to eat

  3. I feel horrible for people who actually need the carts because disability or injury, and there’s all these people who just don’t want to walk taking them.

  4. I don’t know whether it’s a Walmart clientele, regional issue, or what, but this is shocking, not funny. They ought to reserve those carts to folks who qualify for handicapped parking or something, and make everyone else walk.

  5. Every new cart and mobility scooter design manufactured throughout the world should be routed through any of our Walmarts here so they can be tested for durability and ruggedness before being released to the general population.

  6. So still waiting for something shocking. Just another day at your friendly neighborhood Walmart!

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