Top 15 Useless Websites

Bored at work? Want to waste some time on useless websites that make no sense whatsoever? Well, you’re in luck. We have Top 15 most useless websites list here!

You’ve probably been frustrated with complicated games that take a lot of time to master, and maybe given up on gaming altogether because of it, but One Square Minesweeper makes everyone a gaming pro! Even if for many years you have staunchly refused to learn to play this game, now you can finally enjoy it with zero effort.

One Square Minesweeper useless website.

Cats are a staple in internet meme culture, so it only makes sense that there are multiple websites putting cats front and center. Cat Bounce is definitely the most useless website of websites on this list. Cats simply bounce about on the page. But wait, it gets better! When you click the “make it rain” button, a deluge of cats rains down from the top of the screen.

Cat Bounce useless website.

Where does one begin with Pointer Pointer? To start, move your cursor across the screen, wait about 3 seconds, and voilà, a photo of someone, something, or a group of someones will appear on your screen, pointing directly at your cursor. Who are these someones? We are not certain, but they look like nice people from the early 2000s. And hey, we’re all nostalgic for those sweet and innocent pre-social media times.

Pointer Pointer useless website.

Imagine your in-laws are helping you with a password… This is what they’d say. We always irk a little inside, when a machine tells us something that we have done is wrong. The most common form of that, is probably passwords. “Your password is too weak”, “Your password needs to contain a number and a special character”. What if they said meaner and meaner things? Thats what Passive Aggressive Password Machine is all about.

Passive Aggressive Password Machine useless website.

Click the magic button on Make Everything Okay website to make everything okay. It can take a minute for “okay” to load, but if you’re having a rough day (or year), you’ll love this small pick-me-up… so maybe this website is not so useless after all?

Make Everything Okay useless website.

Patience Is a Virtue is simply brilliant – it just keeps loading forever. This is a magnificently pointless website could be a good joke come next April Fools’ Day. Or perhaps it can be your online party trick to share on your social media accounts. Depending on your character, it cam either piss you off, or make you feel zen.

Patience Is a Virtue useless website.

Endless Horse is the lovely website where you are presented with a pixel horse, as you scroll – you’ve guessed correctly – the horse gets long! It’s the endless horse. The URL speaks for itself. What else would you expect from such a useless website? Here’s a fun challenge: try scrolling for a whole hour and see if you go insane!

Endless Horse useless website.

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes website challenges to sit and do nothing for two minutes. It comes with a very accurate timer that gets reset when you move the cursor. There’s no escaping it, you just have to sit and look at it. Now 2 minutes feel a whole lot longer…

Do Nothing For 2 Minutes useless website.

No matter what anyone says, cats are the ultimate procrastination thing on the internet. Procrastinator website takes it up a notch. It features random gifs of cats perfectly attuned to well-known songs. Briefly, the perfect solution for killing some time.

Procrastinator useless website.

Corgi Orgy features an entire army of adorable corgis moving swiftly to a classy, upbeat rhythm. See for yourself. Or don’t. Who are we to tell you what to do?

Corgi Orgy useless website.

Patridge may not look like the coolest guy on the internet, but he sure has some cool dance moves. And he’s really into Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”. Check him out, you might just get lucky yourself!

Is this the coolest guy ever or what?

Hacker Typer is one of those websites that exists but you can’t quite put your finger on why it exists. Perhaps it was designed to live out those 90s hacker film fantasies in real life… It’s an amusing interactive web page and someone’s love letter to code. Check it out and play around a bit if you have time to kill. You probably have a time to kill, you’re reading this article after all.

Hacker Typer useless website.

Remember the pointless fidget spinner craze that was going on some time ago? Nobody is using real fidget spinners anymore, but with Ffffidget website you can spin a virtual one! You click it and it spins, or stops spinning, and so on. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Fidget Spinner useless website.

You know your name. But do you know your Starbucks name? Now you can find out. What’s My Starbucks Name gets your name wrong every time, all the time. This useless website is truly the peak of internet greatness. Let’s all thank Al Gore for inventing the internet back in 1984!

Truly useless website.

To top off our list of the most useless websites on the internet, here is Paper Toilet. Not to be confused with toilet paper. Paper Toilet is a single web page of a toilet paper roll placed on top of a black fold. To see the website in all of its glory, simply scroll and the rest is internet history!

Paper Toilet useless website.

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  1. Another checkbox games: (100 meter sprint and 110 meter hurdles).

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