Some of The Ugliest Christmas Sweaters of All Time

It’s now a pretty common tradition to go to an ugly Christmas sweater party. The goal is to out-ugly your fellow guests and to prove just how low you can go. These people all hit the mark in a big way.

Hilarious Christmas sweater.


Ugly Christmas sweater couple.

Naughty Christmas sweater.

Vomiting reindeer Christmas sweater.

Extremely ugly Christmas sweater.

Ugly Christmas sweater: front and back.

He's full of joy.

Terribly ugly Christmas sweater.

Ugly Trump Christmas sweater.

Chest hair Christmas tree sweater. Brilliant!

They both look lovely. Excellent sweater choice.

Ugly gut hair Christmas tree sweater.

Ugly Santa Christmas sweater.

Beautiful couple in lovely sweaters.

Tackiest Christmas sweater ever.

Incredibly ugly Christmas sweater.

Disfigured Santa Christmas sweater.

Taking Christmas sweater ugliness to a whole new level.

Brilliant ugly Christmas sweater.

He took ugly Christmas sweaters to a whole new level.



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  1. Anonymous December 23, 2018

    this is one of the stupidest anglo-saxon tradition ever, fortunately there is no trace of this outrageous horror cult in my country, we simply have plain old Christmas, keep your ugly sweaters ****heads

  2. Rose December 23, 2018

    You’re an angry elf

  3. Jason, Jason Rolf December 23, 2018

    haha, @Rose.

  4. Anonymous December 24, 2018

    MAGA snowman is sweet!! Waiting for NPC to tell us orange man bad.

  5. Yoursassygrandma December 24, 2018

    I feel so proud, two of the sweaters I created made the cut! Merry Christmas to all!

  6. Anonymous September 10, 2021

    These are true ugly Christmas sweaters.

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