Turning 40: What Being In Your 40s Is Really Like

Welcome to your 40s – the age where the only six-pack you’re working on is the one in the fridge. It’s the decade where your metabolism takes a vacation without asking for your permission, and suddenly you find yourself saying, “I remember when this was all fields” about things that happened twenty years ago. We’ve gathered the funniest and most relatable posts about living in your 40s. Scroll down to check them out!

The dating pool in your 40s.

[shopping for clothes] in my 20s: i want to look good in my 30s: i want to be sensible in my 40s: i don’t want to feel any fabric pressing into my body anywhere

If you say something super embarrassing as a teenager, I really want young people to know that by the time you're in your 40s - you'll still be thinking about it

Welcome to your 40s, now when you watch action movies, all you can think about is how much property damage they’re causing

Welcome to your 40s. This is the hair style you'll have for the rest of your life.

Welcome to your 40s - you now think every car has its brights on.

Welcome to your 40s, if you don’t find a strange bruise you don’t remember getting, one will be assigned to you.

Welcome to your 40s. Clean sheets excite you more than sex.

Welcome to your 40s. You exercise for medical reasons now.

Welcome to your 40s. Your back hurts from sleeping.

Your best friend Teens: See them EVERY DAY or it's over 20s: You see them most 30s: You catch up w/them most 40s: Think they're still alive?

Your 20s: stop eating bread for 1 day, lose 5 pounds Your 40s: stop eating for 1 day, gain 5 pounds

Me in my 20s: Young Me in my 30s: Young and the Restless Me in my 40s: Young and the Restless Leg Syndrome

As a kid, I could do math homework on a bumpy bus the morning before school and be fine. Now in my 40s, I get motion sick watching my food turn in the microwave

I might be in my 40s but I feel a lot younger until I try to do anything.

Welcome to your 40s.. when you cough your lower back hurts and sometimes you pee a little

Welcome to your 40s. Now you sing along to songs in the grocery store.

Welcome to your 40s. You’ll now find grey hairs in places you shouldn’t even have hair.

Welcome to your 40s, you make noises without even realizing it now.

The most depressing part about having a hangover in your 40s is that no matter how terrible you feel you somehow look even worse.

39: I'm sure my 40s will be fine! 40: See? I'm fine! 41: Still doing fine! 42: [Need various organs removed, 27 new foods cause heartburn, facial tectonic plate movement reveals wrinkles overnight, left knee now predicts rain, can no longer read without glasses, dairy hates you]

In my 40s my definition of an EPIC PARTY is four different cheeses on the antipasto tray.

Welcome to your 40s. The person you described as old is also in their 40s.

One of my favorite things about being 40 is I can just brush a little nail polish on my nipples, bend ever so slightly and TADA, pedicure.

9 thoughts on “Turning 40: What Being In Your 40s Is Really Like”

  1. These are all hilarious! Wait until you guys get to your 60’s, though. The ‘fun’ gets even greater! Oh yeah… good times! :-)

  2. I have to say I really enjoy my 40s.
    Also, most of the symptoms described escort me since my teenage time. Which means I can look at them now as old friends.

  3. 40’s: Looking for clues that there are now retro fads about the retro fads of your 20’s, but disappointed.

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