Trump Says He Looks Like Elvis: The Internet Reacts

Donald Trump recently made waves by comparing himself to Elvis Presley. The former president claimed in a post on his own social media site, Truth Social, that people are constantly comparing him to the king of rock. He then asked what others thought about it. Trump included a photo mash-up of his face juxtaposed with the musician. You can see his original post here. People in some cases did not agree with the comparison. Scroll down to see the funniest reactions!

Saw Elvis on the news. Thought that guy died...

Which one is Trump & which is Elvis?? It’s like they’re twins!

You ain’t nothin but a hound dog.

I can see clearly now; Trump looks just like Elvis.

Trump does not look like Elvis.

Here’s a more fitting combined face.

He sure does look like raw unseasoned steak.

I'm so confused...Is trump Jesus or Elvis?

From the archives

Nothing like Elvis. Here's a depiction of another figure which is much closer to Trump: Do you recognize it?

Trump looks WAY more like KellyAnne Conway than Elvis!

For once Trump is right, he does look like Elvis! The drugged, bloated, sweaty, near the end of his life Elvis.

Donald Trump says he looks like Elvis !? Did he mean Father Jack's impersonation ?

Trump is now posting that he looks like Elvis and coincidentally he will soon be starring in Jailhouse rock.

The similarities are uncanny

#Elvis #Trump

Trump saying he looks like Elvis when in reality he's so ugly his pictures hang themselves.

The only people telling Donald Trump he looks like Elvis are the ones inside his head.

I was going to say the Mainstream Media is attempting to get Trump elected again, like they did in 2016, but it appears that are actually trying to posthumously elect Elvis, instead.

Trump thinks he looks like Elvis...

About the only thing Trump has in common with Elvis is toilets. Elvis used one and Trump is one.

I think the comparison between Trump and Elvis is entirely fair. Both wrecked their bodies with shit-awful diets and an insane amount of dubiously-sourced prescription drugs. As long as he finishes the job by dying on the shitter...

I think the only comparison is Elvis dyed his hair and Trump dyes his face

Trump vs. Elvis.

11 thoughts on “Trump Says He Looks Like Elvis: The Internet Reacts”

  1. Trump is such a total embarrassment! To all the Trump supporters out there: He hates you. He’s a traitor to our country. He thrives in chaos, lies, cheats and is stupid, which is not what you want in a president. He gleefully divided our country. Trump is a monster.

  2. TDS= Trump’s Defensive Sycophants, Trump’s Deluded Supporters or Trump’s Devolved Seditionists.

  3. Lydia B-F , Trump’s supporters are always out to lunch or it it lynch? As I know so well.

  4. It’s ironic that the woke people who oppose him the most will single handedly be responsible for his re-election.

  5. @Not a Trump Supporter. I wholeheartedly agree. The wokesters seem to lack any capacity for self-reflection of how they contributed to the rise of the Orange Man. Of course, the Blob hates Orange Man and is doing everything in its power to stop him – even tho’ Orange Man showed himself to be as ineffectual at reversing the rot as his predecessor. Now we have the shuffling hair-sniffing walking corpse who thinks Mitterand is still alive and running Germany as the Blob wrecks Gaza and spreads its chaos where it can. The Gerontocracy will be the death of us all!


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