Trump Charged: Internet Hilariously Reacts To His Arrest

As you probably already know, Donald Trump was indicted by a grand jury in New York, which makes him the first former president to be charged with a crime. Obviously, the internet went absolutely wild about the news. And the memes it served up are pure gold. Scroll down to see the best examples!

Trump Tower 2024

The judge reading Trump each of the 30+ charges he faces.

while i’m not a fan of donald trump, it is chilling to realize that this could happen to any one of us after livetweeting 34 consecutive crimes

Donald Trump finally has something that Obama doesn't: a criminal record

Introducing the “Indictment Cocktail”: White Russian beneath a thin orange skin and fake gold leaf garnish.

HISTORIC AND UNPRECEDENTED: NY Grand Jury votes to indict Former President Trump!

CNN: Trump Under Arrest MSNBC: Trump Under Arrest KOMO 4 NEWS SEATTLE: Trump Under Arrest AMHERST-PRINCE MIDDLE SCHOOL GAZETTE: Trump Under Arrest TEXT FROM FRIEND YOU HAVEN’T HEARD FROM IN 12 YEARS: Trump Under Arrest FOX NEWS: New Hunter Biden Chromebook May Be Gay

It only gets better from here, friends

He might have deleted but that’s okay, others do not forget what time it is

priorities are in order

please god let him represent himself

Trump on the run.

Making pictures of Trump getting arrested while waiting for Trump's arrest.


REMEMBER: The moment “Trump Force One” takes off from Palm Beach it officially changes its call sign to “CON-AIR”.

Actual photos of Donald Trump being arrested #TrumpIndictment

‘Home Alone 2: Lost in New York’ star Donald Trump has been indicted on criminal charges.

Trump boobytrapping Mar-a-Lago like Home Alone

Where's Melania? #TrumpArrest

Hard to believe that Donald Trump having sex resulted in something worse for him than Don Jr.

Who needs a mugshot when you have this total loser snapshot

how beautiful is it that all the Q people have to watch us living their dream

are u allowed to do a thumbs up in a mug shot

Congratulations to Donald Trump for finally winning a popular vote.

You’re gonna need smaller handcuffs today. His tiny little hands will slip out of normal ones.

10 thoughts on “Trump Charged: Internet Hilariously Reacts To His Arrest”

  1. We imagine that we live in a society in which there is good and evil. Our Hollywood perspective of the world makes us believe that now that evil is arrested, the good is back in control. Guess what guys, there is no good in politics. We are not redeemed and democracy is not saved.
    Trump was the essence of capitalism. He was a brut and a liar and did whatever he could to maximise his personal profits. He had no shame of it too.
    As long as we live in a society which worships personal profit and mocks social responsibility, good will never be in control and Trumps will keep on coming

  2. Trump is and always has been a disgusting, moronic, lying pig. You reap what you sow, so glad I will get to witness his long overdue comeuppance.

  3. Haters gonna hate, with you it’s in the most infantile way possible. Hope you get out of 3rd Grade soon.

  4. These are really very funny, but in reality every president from Nixon to Biden deserves (deserved) to be put on trial. Trump is merely a very orange symptom of the sh!theap that the US political system has become.


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