18 thoughts on “Funny “Expectations vs. Reality” Cake Fails”

  1. For some reason, the wise and insightful political comments are being removed from the comment section. I don’t understand why the wonderful people (person) who runs this site would do that. They post political content and then delete political comments that are made in the comment section. Seems kind of intolerant.

  2. Anne, I believe that would be due to the intent of the site being lighthearted humour – the political content you mention that I’ve seen revolves around satire of politicians, not an attempt to influence. Some visitors may see that differently and post some comments contrary to the type you mention – I’m guessing this may be why they have taken those steps,

  3. Goobs, I would be more inclined to agree with you if the “lighthearted humour” went both ways and the “satire of politicians” included someone on the left side of the spectrum at least ONCE! The good thing is that whether it’s “an attempt to influence” or not, this sort of obvious in-your-face bias doesn’t change anyone’s mind.

  4. De toute façon, ce sont apparemment des gâteaux anglo-saxons, donc parfaitement dégueulasses par définition…

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